3 Follow Up Email Templates That Just Work

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Are you using email to follow up with business prospects? Are you struggling with how often you should follow up and what you should say?

Send too many emails and your prospect will get annoyed and quickly unsubscribe. If you fail to follow up regularly though, you’ll be forgotten. So what’s the secret?

Review this clever Slideshare presentation that will clue you in on how to properly utilize follow up business emails when:

  • You have a meeting.
  • You have a trigger event.
  • You have no meeting (i.e. this is a cold prospect).

Proven Email Follow Up Strategies

Key Email Follow Up Takeaways

  • You can avoid having to send a follow up email when you have no meeting by being always setting your next meeting when you meet the prospect in person or on a call.
  • Following up based on a trigger event works best when you are tracking how your prospect is interacting with your website. If they’ve visited recently, and especially if they’ve clicked on one or more links on your website, it is prime time to follow up.
  • If you are following up with a potential prospect, be sure to keep your emails short. Don’t tell them everything you do. Try to get to the ‘right’ contact by asking if you are reaching the appropriate person.

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