2015 marketing predictions

6 Marketing Predictions for CMOs in 2015

2015 marketing predictions

Struggling to keep up with the online trends? You’re not alone.

Many marketers struggle to understand the direction of the industry and how their company fits in with emerging trends. It’s a challenge that puts the innovative companies ahead of the game, while stifling the growth of the brands that continue to try the same old worn out tactics.

Last year we took a look at marketing predictions for 2015 and beyond. This year, we’re forecasting a few more significant shifts in the way marketing happens online. Here are our six predictions for CMOs in 2015.

1.  Influencer Marketing Will Get Taken to New Levels and New Mediums

We live in an age of content overload. Brands still haven’t maximized reach by tapping into that enormous amount of content being created to reach new audiences and potential customers.

For the past few years, bloggers have been the primary target influencers for brands trying to tap into pre-existing audiences. In 2015, companies will start to push past written content and move toward video and images to make influencer marketing more sophisticated and effective.

YouTube stars and popular Instagram users will see more interaction from brands. This interaction will be especially prevalent in niche industries, such as luxury, fashion, and travel where visual content appeals more than written.

2.  Online Advertising Will Become More Organized

People spend a tremendous amount of time online these days, and smart CMOs know it. Some estimate that advertisers will allocate more money to online marketing instead of print or other mediums, probably because of the ability to tell a stronger story through smarter digital strategy.

Chief Digital Officers will help organizations lessen their focus on demand creation and heighten it on organizing an end to end customer journey…- John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing.

3.  Automated Marketing Will Evolve

Automated marketing is one of the easiest and best ways to cast a wide net and capture high-quality leads. It’s also one of the most used among CMOs.

This year, automated marketing will continue to evolve to become more personal, more timely, and more sophisticated. With the immense amount of data that CMOs have available, automated marketing measures can become more refined. This automation will help big brands form stronger relationships with customers while still easing the workload on corporate sales teams.

4.  Marketing Across Screens Will Start to Run SmootherBusinessman makes marketing predictions for 2015

But it won’t be perfected yet.

Screens surround today’s consumers. Smartphones, laptops, and televisions are often used all at once to access information and make buying decisions.

Marketers will continue to search for ways to seamlessly translate messages across each of those screens at just the right time. Although it might not be perfected in 2015, marketers will likely make strides in the right direction.

5.  Wearable Technology Will Become More Prolific

Google Glass might have become the laughing stock of the tech world for a period of time, but wearable technology is no joke – Especially not among CMOs.

More consumers are purchasing smart watches and fitness trackers to wear throughout the day. While in motion, these devices are gathering significant amounts of data that marketers can harness for their advertising. Knowing locations, habits, and activities can help CMOs hone their messaging and target consumers at just the right time.

Although still in its infancy, it’s a hot industry to keep an eye on.

6.  Experiential Marketing Will Be More Pronounced

Today’s consumers are constantly on their smartphones and checking in on social media. That’s something that CMOs have capitalized on for years, and 2015 will continue to tap into this trend.

Enter: enhanced experiential marketing. CMOs this year will move beyond the basic hashtags and photos. As the technology develops, brands will use real-time data to enhance consumer experiences. These enhanced experiences will happen at events (in-person and virtual) and online. There’s still quite a bit of innovation that needs to happen before it becomes prolific, but watch for experiential marketing to take off in 2015.

The Lessons to be Learned

2015 will become the year where more CMOs reach beyond their comfort zone and try on new marketing tactics using the wealth of data available. Want to keep up with your competition AND thousands of other innovative marketers? Download this free report called, “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000 Businesses.” In it, you’ll get other marketing benchmarks that you can use to align your business with and strengthen your efforts.

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