August 2014 Traffic Report


When it comes to your website, do you ever wonder, What’s working? What content is most effective? Are we getting an ROI on our marketing dollars?

If you’re doing a great job with your content, it will be effective and engaging, and you’ll be generating not only brand awareness and traffic, but measurable ROI in the form of leads and sales.

(These are all areas we cover in detail in the process we go through with our Groove Digital clients.)

So how do you know your content is effective, and is actually leading to increased sales? How do you actually evaluate the ROI of content marketing?

To answer this question, we supplement the excellent data provided by Hubspot (which really helps us look at the leads and sales end) with data from Google Analytics (GA), which gives us an overall picture of our traffic and its effectiveness. The nitty gritty details of the GA analysis is exactly what I’m going to reveal in my monthly traffic report for August. (To see July’s report, click here.)

In the past, I’ve found GA to be overly complicated and hard to use. I always knew there was gold in the data, but GA’s poor design makes it difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on. Each month it took time and effort to dig around for the statistics we wanted to view, and each month we knew there were more that we could be looking at. In July, we began using our latest GA dashboards, and I couldn’t be happier.

The data we look at for our traffic report helps us to answer the questions of What’s working and what’s not? What’s most effective? and What is the ROI of our content marketing – how many leads is it getting us?

Here’s what we found for August:

Business Stats

Our high-level traffic and conversion data is available on our Business dashboard. Here we find out:

  1. Are we getting more visitors?
  2. Where are our visitors coming from?
  3. What is the trend in conversions (in our case, subscribers)?
  4. Where are conversions coming from?
  5. Who are our top social media referrers?
  6. Are visitors consuming more content? Are they spending more time on the site?
  7. What percentage of our traffic is from mobile?

GDM Bus Dash

Traffic & Referral Sources

Our traffic has risen steadily since we started blogging regularly on Groove. Here’s a look at the month to month increase:



For the month of August, we once again saw an increase in traffic.



Our organic traffic in particular was up from 2,167 to 3,214 – an almost 50% increase (and that’s after seeing a 50% increase last month as well)!

Not quite half a year in and our blogging strategies are paying off – strike another win for content marketing!

Subscribers & Referral Sources

To get truly useful data from GA, you want to know not just what traffic you have, but how many conversions you’re getting. In other words, how many of those visitors are you converting to subscribers? Or, if you have online product sales, to customers? In our case, we measure conversions in terms of subscribers.

In order to do this you need to set up what GA calls conversion “goals”, so that this data will be available. This is yet another area that GA makes trickier than it should be!

Click here to purchase these dashboards for your business (includes goals setup).

We had significantly increased subscribers in August.


A more detailed look at conversion sources shows that our conversions continue to come from a variety of sources. It’s always good to have a good distribution of leads


The dashboard also reveals a breakdown of the numbers of conversions from each source. The numbers are up for almost all sources, although down slightly for email and social:



Significant Conclusions:

  1. We are getting more visitors.
  2. Our visitors are coming from a balanced portfolio of traffic sources. Most of our increased traffic is coming from organic search, which is up month-over-month around 50% for each of the past two months!
  3. Conversions were significantly increased over July.

Content Analysis Stats

Our Content Analysis dashboard helps us answer questions such as:

  1. Which content was the most popular?
  2. Which entrance pages got the most traffic?
  3. What pages had the most conversion “assists”? (A page “assists” a conversion if visitors view it before conversion.)
  4. Where are visitors exiting my site?
  5. What is our overall site engagement? (How long are people spending on each page?)
  6. How engaging is our top content?
  7. Where in the world is my traffic coming from?


Popular Content

By far our most popular pages are lumped together under ‘Other’.


This is actually a really good thing as it indicates we have a lot of different content on our blog that appeals to our visitors.

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Popular Entrance Pages

Again, we see a good balanced variety of posts that originally bring visitors to our site.


Interestingly, while some of our newer posts that were published in August rank high here (like the Josh Turner interview and the July 2014 traffic report), some posts published prior to August continue to prove popular (such as 10 Tips for Creating a Buyer Persona template and The Dumbest LinkedIn Mistake I See Over and Over Again). The posts that continue to prove popular give insight into the content that is especially of interest to our visitors.

In addition to posts, one of our more popular pages is our Process page, which walks visitors through what it’s like to work with Groove. It’s great that we’re getting visitors who are interested in this, and it bodes well for additional quality leads to our site.

We can also see how much our content is engaging our visitors based on their average time spent on each page:


Once again, our Process page has a high level of engagement, with an average viewing time of 2.5 minutes.

Some of our lengthier posts had even longer average pageviews, which is great because that means people are actually reading them!

Conversion & Conversion Assist Pages

Conversion pages are those that are most likely to convert a visitor to a subscriber. In our case, we have specific pages that are dedicated to providing valuable and informative lead magnets, and not surprisingly, these are the pages that show the highest conversion rates.

Not surprisingly, these free reports also have the highest number of conversion “assists” – that is, people converted to subscribers at some point after viewing these “assisting” pages.


Although we had more conversions in August, we had a smaller number of pages “assisting” the bulk of the conversions. Compare August’s conversion assist pages (above) with July’s (below).


Significant conclusions:

  1. We had a variety of content that proved popular with our audience.
  2. The pages that converted the most visitors to subscribers were those where we freely offered something valuable.
  3. We have more visitors viewing (and engaged with) our Process page than in the past.

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Additional Information

In addition to the Business and Content Analysis Dashboards, we have Site Performance and Realtime Traffic dashboards.

Site Performance Stats

Our site performance dashboard answers the following:

  1. What is the average page load time?
  2. What is the page load time for new vs returning visitors?
  3. What is the average load time for popular pages?
  4. What is the mobile page load time?
  5. What is the average server response time?
  6. What is the server response time for new vs returning visitors?
  7. What is the average domain lookup time?


Realtime Traffic Stats

Our Realtime Traffic dashboard answers the following:

  1. How many active visitors are on the site right now?
  2. What are their locations around the world?
  3. What pages are they on?
  4. What keywords brought them to the site?
  5. How many pageviews have there been in the last 60 sec?
  6. How many pageviews have there been in the last 30 min?

Realtime Dashboard Aug 8Want Dashboards Like These?

If you’d like to purchase these dashboards for your own business, you’re in luck! We have a dashboard package available that includes:

  • The Business Dashboard
  • Setup of GA goals so your conversions appropriately reflect your leads or online sales (as applicable) – necessary to make the conversions portion of your Business Dashboard work correctly
  • The Content Analysis Dashboard
  • The Site Performance Dashboard
  • The Realtime Traffic Dashboard
  • Plus a training call to be sure you know exactly what each part of the dashboard means and how to use that information

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Summary and Insights

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Our dashboards quickly revealed that:

  • We’re getting a lot more organic traffic.
  • We’re getting many more conversions.

Best of all, it didn’t take a lot of time to figure this all out.. have I mentioned how much I’m digging those new GA dashboards?

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