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How a Good Story Will Make You Outperform the Competition

How does storytelling connect a business to its customers? How do you carve winning stories into your content? How much of your storytelling should be fact and how much is allowed to be fiction? Back in late 2013, Groove’s founder, Trent Dyrsmid, interviewed Joe Mechlinski from EntreQuest.com. Joe shared many of his strategies from his New York […]

How to Create a Customer Centric Vision Statement

What does your mission statement say? Is it poignant? Or does it leave you wondering, “What am I supposed to do with that?” Creating a customer-centric vision statement to guide new and veteran employees in your company is essential. This statement sets the tone for what’s expected in all departments. As your company grows with […]

How to Evaluate Lead Quality With Predictive Analytics

What are predictive analytics? What can they do for your marketing department and when should you consider a predictive analytics software solution? We excerpted this article from the highlights of an interview with Mick Hollison. During the interview, Trent and Mick discussed predictive analytics and how it works in marketing. Are you ready to learn […]