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How to Make More Sales by Talking to Fewer People

Leading with value is what the concept of content marketing is built on. If you are struggling to sell, the problem might be in how you are structuring the offers you are laying in front of your prospects. In this article, we are going to discuss some simple strategies you can utilize to dramatically increase your close […]

Why High Growth Companies Watch Every Marketing Dollar

Think you need deep pockets and an outrageously large marketing budget to attract customers? Think again. Some of the highest growth companies have shockingly low marketing budgets. In fact, companies with the highest growth spend only 4.9% of their revenues on marketing, according to a survey by Hinge. That’s compared to the 5.1% spent by […]

How to Use Twitter to Get to Know Your Target Market

Does Twitter leave you feeling baffled? Have you ever logged into your Twitter feed and wondered, “how can I pull out any information from these short messages?” You’re not alone. Twitter bewilders many marketers. You know there’s quality insights and information buried in the 140 character tweets, but how do you extract that? Here are […]

How to Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you laid out a content marketing strategy for your business yet? Have your content marketing efforts generated more traffic and leads? Effective online marketing requires a well-crafted content marketing strategy. You can’t just ‘wing it’ and expect to see success. Here’s how to create an effective content marketing strategy that will generate a steady […]

How to Increase Engagement with User Generated Content

Want to get your customers more involved in your business? Turn your most loyal brand ambassadors into content producers. User generated content is any media that a customer (the user of your product) creates for you. GoPro is perhaps the leader for user generated content with over 6,000 videos made with the cameras getting uploaded to YouTube daily. […]

7 Startling Truths About Social Media

Are your social media efforts inconsistent? Is your brand identity fading? Has every network investment yielded nothing but lost time and wasted dollars? Are you ready to learn seven interesting facts about using social media for branded networking? A Not-So-Sweet Song It’s time to face the music, brand marketers: Social media is not infallible. All too often […]

4 Easy Steps to a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to create marketing strategies that work? Digital marketing helps your company grow and thrive by incorporating new marketing strategies. These new strategies help you connect with new customers and keep up with the changing markeg. So which digital marketing strategies should you add first? In this infographic, we present 4 easy digital […]

How to Research Your Brand with Social Media

Perhaps your brand strategies are failing to produce the results (and revenue) you expect, or your sales have tended go unnoticed by customers. If it seems that your competitors forever have the upper hand, you may already be wondering how to keep up with the (virtual) Joneses. It’s an even more frustrating situation if you […]