The Best Social Media Sites for Promoting B2B Content

B2B contentHave you come to the realization that not all social media networks are created equally when it comes to generating business? Do you know which social networks are the best social networks for business?

If you are looking to increase your the ROI for your social media efforts, read on. New research indicates that the best social media sites for business content might not be the ones that you would immediately expect. All social media sites have their own unique functions, and you need to think about the way your content fits in to help achieve the maximum levels of success.

Popular Social Media Sites

Social media networks of all types are popular as more and more people begin to use them to communicate with one another on a regular basis.Social Media Networks Studies indicate that the most popular and widely used sites are the ones that are primarily used for sharing content in a visual way.

Pinterest, Instagram and other social networking sites are making huge leaps when it comes to users because people are sharing content that naturally catches the eye. An infographic published on Mediabistro revealed that people spend more time on Pinterest and Tumbler than they do on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus combined.

As a result, you need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to incorporate visual content into your brand’s social networking presence for the best possible results.

What are the best ways to add visual content into your social media strategy?

Real-time photo sharing is one of the most popular methods of sharing content on the Internet right now. To incorporate this into your groove digital marketingmarketing strategy, you might want to post pictures of your product or images that are representative of your brand on social networking sites like Pinterest or Flickr. You can even get some nice SEO juice by allowing people to use those images on their own sites in exchange for backlinks.

Create videos and upload them to YouTube. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in existence. Videos that have been uploaded to YouTube tend to do very well in search results conducted with popular search engines like Google. They can be a great way to boost your presence and are an excellent opportunity for tip videos, product demos and more.

Check out this video from Evian that was the most popular business brand video in 2013 with over 90,000 views to date.

Use Google Plus For an SEO Boost

When Google Plus launched, many people assumed that it was that company’s attempt to usurp Facebook as the most popular social media site on the Internet. Instead, it has organically come to serve a very different purpose: it is being used by social media marketers as an SEO option.

Sites that have a Google Plus component are being favored in Google search results over ones that don’t. As a result, your company or brand absolutely needs to have a presence on the site: even if it’s only for the purposes of search engine optimization.

Google+ may be the newcomer in social media, but it can no longer be dismissed. – Social Media Examiner


Android’s Google+ Page is one of the most popular with over 8 million followers.

On November 17, 2015, Google rolled out the new Google+ that puts Communities and Collections front and center. There is not a lot of clarity yet on how this will affect using Google+ for SEO, but knowing the power of Google, we’d advise you to keep using it.

The new Google+ has a mobile-centric design. The home stream has been completely redesigned and it is easier to post, search, connect, and keep up with great content based on your interests.

If you want to dig deeper into the recent announcement check out these two articles:

Behind The +1: Meet The New Google+(Plus)

The New Google+ and the War for the Interest Graph

Make Your Facebook Content Stand Out

One of the most important things to pay attention to when it comes to social media marketing is the Facebook news feed. Facebook updated the look and design of its news feed in the last few years to deliver more relevant content to users. As a result, unless your post is highly engaging, or you pay to promote it, your users may not see it.

These days, unlike back in the early days, if you’re not using Facebook as a paid platform, your brand won’t stand a chance. On average, brand content on the site is now reaching only 2-6% of your target audience. – Cat Leaver

According to an article by Mashable, you want to focus on the following types of content:

  • Auto-play videos
  • Larger photos that span the width of the newsfeed (currently that’s 470 px wide)
  • High Quality News & Current Events

Find B2B Success on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is primarily used by professionals and is dominated by professionals working in the these industries.

Despite the fact that it isn’t necessarily the most popular social networking site out there, B2B marketers are finding that they are the most successful with business related content on LinkedIn. The user base of LinkedIn tends to be more professional than any other social networking site. As a result, those users are much more likely to respond positively to business content.

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It’s important to note that LinkedIn has its own publishing platform that businesses can use to post content. It was previously reserved for only a select few people but has been opened up to the hundreds of millions of LinkedIn members in the last few years. Remember, though, that LinkedIn users want well written and professional content, not pictures of cats.


What do you think are the best social media sites for your business? Please share your successes and comments with us.

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