more blog traffic from social media

How to Get More Blog Traffic from Social Media

more blog traffic from social media

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If only it was as easy as tweeting out a link and expecting people to click on it in your quest to get more blog traffic from social media! It takes a broader plan than that, a bit of time, and consistent use. If you’re smart about it and use your time wisely, you can see your traffic counters moving upwards all thanks to social media.

Multiple Shares Strategy

You put all this work into researching, writing, getting photos for, and publishing a blog post. With all that time invested you had better believe that you can tweet it out, or Facebook it, more than once!

When doing this, keep these thoughts in mind:

  • You can’t repeat yourself. Change the wording of each message slightly, or highlight a completely different aspect of what’s going on in the article.
  • Social media is 24/7 and global. Send out messages that coincide with fans in other parts of the world’s greatest activity time.
  • Change photos to cut down on how repetitive your posts will look. People on social media love photos and you need to continually change things up to keep their interest.

Let’s look at a real example from the very successful @SamsungMobile Twitter account:

Both tweets are about the exact same device (in different colors), and go to the exact same webpage. The wording and images have been changed enough that Twitter followers don’t feel like they are listening to a skipping record!

Cut down on Spam Created by Mistake with a Content Schedule

We’ve all been busy and sent out the same piece of content too often before. Worse, we may not have sent it out enough! Every week I sit down on Monday morning and put together the content plan for that week. I use a spreadsheet with my target times on one axis, and the days of the week on the other. Something like this:


Looking at that, you may think that this is one big plan with nothing but my own content. That’s not the case. A key way of getting your content out there is to get the attention of influencers. What better way is there to get their attention than to send out their content and tag them?

Part of your plan has to look at sharing content which is purely there for the purpose of:

  • Getting noticed by popular users.
  • Keeping your content diverse so your audience doesn’t get bored.
  • not being too overtly-promotional.

It all starts with sitting down every week, or every other week, or once a month, and planning what you’re going to be sharing.

Optimize Your Content for Each Social Channel

Cutting and pasting one social share from Facebook to Twitter, or Instagram to Pinterest, even a LinkedIn share can’t be the same as Google+. Each channel is unique and those features have to be used to their fullest.

In the examples given, you have to consider how Google+ uses hashtags but LinkedIn doesn’t. Similar audiences, different platforms. A popular hashtag for your Pinterest marketing may have no traction at all on Instagram. A YouTube video can have a link to an external website in the description, but Vine can’t.

This is a case of truly getting to know your tools before you use them. Read up on the differences between any social platforms that you’re not sure of, and don’t be afraid to research similar content.

Monitor Your Clicks and Interaction

When your blog starts getting more traffic from social media it’s time to start learning. Look at:

  • The day and time you typically get the most shares.
  • Which social platforms send the most traffic. Use a link shortener tool (Hootsuite and Buffer are the most popular) that tracks your click stats. Use different links for each social platform so you can see which are succeeding.
  • Pay attention to trends in how your followers react. If they seem to like one type of content more on Facebook than Twitter, you know where to focus that content in the future.
  • Carefully monitor your lost follower and fan numbers. A sharp decrease in followers can mean you’ve done something wrong that you need to fix. A slow and steady decline could mean that you’re becoming boring.

You’ll never get good at sharing your blog posts through social media if you don’t do some form of social media data analysis.

Hashtags and Trending Topics Are Your Chance to Go Viral

‘Wait, Ernest, you want me to write whole blog posts just to jump on a trending hashtag?!?’ Well, yes and no. Using Twitter trending topics, or any trending topic in general, can be tricky. There are certainly times when you’re a subject matter expert and your blog is geared towards a trending hashtag or topic and you can fire out a post.

Let’s take a look on Twitter right now and see what’s trending:


Looking at this, do you see any opportunities to create a quick blog post?  Is someone in your office a ginger? That could be fun. Are you connected to the healthcare industry? Here’s your chance with #juniordoctorsstrike. And if you’re in any way connected to cricket you’re likely already using #AUSvIND!

Now let’s say you don’t have time to fire off a blog post that’s on point with a trend. That’s fine, you have older posts that you can still use. Make sure they’re related, there are unfollow and mute buttons on many social platforms.

Failing that, just create a social post and use it as a chance to gain more followers. They may not be driven to your blog right this moment, but they will be around for future shares coming from your account. Again, be sure that your blog relates to the trend in some way. You don’t want to have your quest to get more blog traffic backfire on you as you look like a spammer.

About Ernest Thompson

Ernest ThompsonErnest is the writer and analyst for SMM Guide. You can read his latest post on the blog every Wednesday as he covers the latest in social media. Expect to read about everything from Twitter, to YouTube, to Soundcloud, Facebook, and more!



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