How to Leverage Reddit to Build Your Audience

what is reddit answered by Brent Csutoras

You’ve probably heard of Reddit, but do you know how to leverage it to grow your business? Have you tried Reddit out but found it difficult to figure out how to get results?

Brent Csutoras is a social media strategist and entrepreneur who specializes in social media marketing, content marketing and viral content creation. He’s been involved with the Reddit platform for a long time.

Reddit is a group of thousands of communities. No matter what you are interested in there is a sub Reddit for you to join in on the discussion. The whole purpose of Reddit is to share content that a particular sub Reddit would find interesting and would like to discuss.

Listen now and you’ll hear Brent and I talk about:

  • (01:00)  Introductions
  • (04:40)  What is Reddit supposed to be used for?
  • (07:40)  Why should a B2B Marketer care about Reddit?
  • (10:40)  Can Reddit be useful to companies that offer a service?
  • (24:10)  What is the approach that I need to take to succeed on Reddit?
  • (29:40)  How do I find the rules for a sub-Reddit?
  • (31:50)  Why should I study the moderators?

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Welcome to episode number 22 of the Groove Digital Marketing podcast. I am your host Trent Dyrsmid and this is the podcast where we help marketing executives to discover ways to use digital marketing and marketing automation to dramatically increase revenue.

Everybody cares about that right? So if you’re a marketing executive and you are looking for proven tactics and strategies to help you increase traffic, conversions and profits well this is the right podcast to listen to.

So how do I make good on that promise, well I bring proven experts on to the show. And I get them to share with you and with me that exact strategies and tactics that they used to achieve the results that caught my attention in the first place.

This episode is no different, my guest this time around is a fellow by the name of Brent Csutoras and he is a social media strategist and entrepreneur who specialises in social media marketing, content marketing and viral content creation.

And in my research on a platform called Reddit I discovered Brent and he knows a lot more about it than I do. He’s been friends with the founders for a long time and involved with the platform in one capacity or another for a long time and Reddit has gone through some very interesting changes.

They have just raised a big round of funding and they’re off to do some new and more exciting things. If it is not a platform that you are familiar with it is really one that you need to understand.

Unlike say LinkedIn which is maybe just a community Reddit is a group of thousands of communities. Regardless of whatever you are interested in there is a subreddit for you to join in on the discussion and part of joining in on that discussion of course is to share content.

As a matter of fact that is the whole purpose of Reddit is to share content that that particular subreddit might find interesting and want to discuss. So you can imagine as a marketer there is an opportunity there. However Reddit decided to create a platform that is not terribly easy to figure out.

Especially when you are new and so if you don’t take the time to figure it out or if you don’t have a game plan to follow you are not likely to get any results from it whatsoever. So in this episode my guest Brent is going to explain to you and to me the right approach to using Reddit so that you do get meaningful results from the time that you invest in using the platform.

So we are going to get to that interview, it is about an half an hour long in just a moment but before I do that; if you are looking for marketing education I want to drive your attention to where we have our entire library of marketing e-books that you can download and get one of them or you can take them all.

They’re all free and they are all chalked full of actionable ideas for you to use in your business. We’ve got one there that has got 30 greatest lead generation tips and tactics. We got one that talks about the must haves for a new website.

There is a whole bunch, just go check them out at so with that said please join me in welcoming Brent to the show.

Hey Brent, welcome to the show.

Thank you, good to be here.

My pleasure to have you; we are going to talk about something with you today that I have never ever interviewed (and we are talking close to 200 interviews now) someone about. So I am especially keen to get into this particular episode but before we do that let’s have you introduce yourself to the audience. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Brent Csutoras and essentially I am a social media strategist. Really focused around content marketing and the ability to identify, create and promote articles within the top social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and so forth.

And in this particular interview we are going to talk about one of those communities in depth and that would be Reddit. Now I got to admit that I have very little understanding of really how Reddit works.

Every time I seem to make a post it never works, it never shows up and I basically just threw my hands up in the air and said, “That thing is not for me.” Maybe some other people have had that experience in case people haven’t, or maybe they haven’t heard of it which I think is doubtful.

Let’s start at the very beginning. What is Reddit supposed to be?

Well first off let me say that you are not alone. I share with just about everyone that I talk to at every different conferences or discussions and people have relatively the same frustration. I think it does come fundamentally from not understanding what Reddit is.

Reddit started out as a social community; an aggregate site. So in the early social media days aggregate sites were pretty much what made the communities. On an aggregate site someone can submit a URL other user can build on it, comment on it.

The most popular stuff trickle up to the top and become the topics of the day. Reddit overtime evolved into what it is today and that is a software solution. So Reddit is essentially a software that allows individuals to create their own social community on their site.

I think that is probably the biggest misconception people have of Reddit. The best example I like to give people is think of or Blogger. You wouldn’t look at every single site that is listed on WordPress and think it is all one community.

You see them as individual communities who use that software for their purposes. Reddit has all of these small groups that are individually made called subreddit. And the admin of Reddit; when you see an admin on the site, they actually work for Reddit.

But the subreddits are run by what we call moderators. And you, me, anyone, can basically go to Reddit, make an account, create a subreddit and you will be the moderator for it. And you can have other moderators to help.

Moderators really only have one function, *inaudible* and find content for users. Each subreddit actually has no specific requirement on how it runs its community. As long as they are not breaking the law like with real bad stuff like child pornography or celebrity pornography recently.

But outside of really if breaking some major rules, they don’t get involved in any way. Each subreddit actually has its own rules. There is one example that is a great example, it is a cat based subreddit where every single thing has to say cat. The title has to be cat the description has to be cat.

Anything that you put on there has to be only one word and that word is cat. And if you break that rule then you get removed or banned and so forth. So that’s kind of what Reddit is. And that is how you have to understand it when you approach it. Otherwise you’ll never have success with it.

The majority of the people that listen to my show are in the B2B space. Why should we even care that Reddit exists?

B2B has always been a little bit tougher when it comes to social. Why? Because most people are there in social to connect; so what we have seen is we have seen a transition to utilising strategies that are more effective.

So Reddit is a really big community. It is no hold barred, no sugar coating community. So if you take the time to understand it and use it properly it can be extremely effective. For instance there is a lot of companies who have come in and joined discussions.

I think there was an example that I was reading the other day that I thought was really cool was about beef jerky. Somebody posted a question in Reddit and it said why is beef jerky so expensive. And this guy worked at a beef jerky company and came in very casually and said, “Hey the reason is that you have to buy good meat and it cost money etc” and explained it.

And so someone in the comment section said give us a discount and so he set up a discount just for Reddit users within a post and he ended up selling a ton of beef jerky, really raising his brand, really getting in that community in a way that was not too promotional or too annoying.

So that is one example, there are other examples of people with software or with products and they come in and they say, “Hey we are really just curios what you think about this, do you think it is good, do you think it is interesting, we want to give you guys the first opportunity to test this out and give us your feedback?”

When you engage Reddit like a community you get the opportunity to really fit in that community. Where people have the biggest problem is when they view it as a place where they can submit a link and all of a sudden win the internet lottery. That is the problem.

If you approach it properly you can absolutely sell products, increase your brand. A lot of people miss the chance to really create influences and to get really really good feedback from people who are not going to sit there and say, “Oh we love your product, we want it..” They are going to say, “This is what we don’t like, this is what you should do.”

And it might be harsher than what some people are used to but it will really give you good feedback and give you the opportunity to make influences which I believe right now is more critical as a viewpoint of social media marketing.

So do you think what you just described work only for people or organisations that have physical products or maybe a software product that can be tried, tested, fiddled with versus say a service company that doesn’t really have a product per say. They just do stuff for their clients like our marketing agency. We do stuff.

Absolutely, I think there is no limit to the creativity that you can have in the audience. The good thing about Reddit is really as I mentioned to really be able to go and find a discussion /group / subreddit that are very targeted to what you are doing. Granted you can go down to having only 30 people in a subreddit when you are being super targeted or you can get a little broader and have more numbers.

There is going to be a reality of the more niche you get the smaller the audience. You can definitely get in front of a very targeted audience. There is marketing sections, there is business sections, there is technology sections, there is start-ups, there is crowd funding, there is software.

We just did one campaign, I won’t get in to who the companies are because I don’t know if I am suppose to talk about our involvement with the campaign, whatever. They were doing some Android apps and they were comparing the two Android apps and we went to the Android community and were able to just talk about it.

Like, “Look this is the two apps, this is the comparison, what do you guys think, take a look?”And we got a lot of people downloading the product and we got a lot of really good feedback and got about 3300 comments from the Android community.

There is services, apps, you can do what lawyers do, I have seen some really successful lawyers. There is a whole section in there for legal advice. Where people are asking questions and they are asking for advice on how they should handle things.

I don’t think there is a single conversation that does not happen somewhere in Reddit and if you can find those, which you can use search capability and just a little bit of time really.

I am not a huge advocate of like going and spending a year on learning something to use it. You can go in and I would say within a week you should be effectively able to find the conversations identify your kind of group, join in that conversation and find your success.

So when you first go to the site you’ve got a homepage full of a bunch of stuff. And then you talk about finding these conversations. How do I do that? Because honestly I think the interface is absolutely horrible and I have a very hard time. Like along the top there’s a couple of subreddits which I guess I am subscribed to.

I don’t know if that is why they appear up there. And on the left hand side there is an explore button which just basically takes me to a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t look to be organised in any way shape or form. So I find these experiences just awful.

The odd thing is that that is almost intentional. One of the good things; when I got into this industry I lived in San Francisco and I actually got to know Alexis quite well. Alexis Ohanian is one of the co-founders of Reddit. So
I got to go in quite a bit and meet with the team and talk with them a lot.

There was a lot of conversations as the web was evolving into being much more visual. We had interesting examples, we had more visual content across the board and there was a lot of discussion on even having these thumbnails which you can see today and whether they should have them or not.

There is almost a colourful desire in having it be something that you have to learn to use. It is not meant to be super easy for users to come in. For instance I have been a moderator on a lot of channels. People have no concept that the subreddits are privately owned.

So I get messages from people all the time asking me why they were banned in another subreddit and I have to explain to them, “Look that subreddit has its own moderators we don’t moderate that subreddit. You have to contact the admin.” And it is really confusing to people.

But that is okay with Reddit and that is okay with the majority of the audience what I will tell you is that when you get to the site if you are not logged in what you are seeing is the top 50 most popular subreddits at any given time across the top. And it doesn’t show all 50 because you will run out of space but that is what you are seeing in your Reddit.

Your view is showing you that. Once you sign in, you can control what is on your front page and that is what all those links at the top are. All the subreddits that you have joined. The communities that you have joined; so as once you log in you’ll see there is a section over there that allows you to edit them and you can pick and choose which ones you want.

The front page becomes just a filter for all of your community based on popularity so you can get a quick glance at that. But you are right there is a lot of elements here. The first thing that I would do really is; there is a couple of sites that have been made. All of Reddit is open source.

So a lot of people have taken the code for Reddit and they have data mined it. So there is RedditList, there is Stat Reddit, there is a lot of these sites like that that will go in and show you here is all the top performing subreddits. And here is their growth numbers, are they increasing or are they increasing? How many posts a day, how many users a day.

So you can start by going in and looking at the subreddits by searching keywords and then looking at the stats and getting a sense of the interactive community. And once you are able to determine what subreddits apply to you and your business, then you can start looking at the conversations that occur in them.

So you might go and only subscribe to the ones that really relate to you then you can look at your front page and go these are all the conversations that relate to me, is there a place where I can participate.

Other ways are through the search engine, you can use their own search which allows you to search and sort based on popularity or recency or controversy which is their way of saying there are a lot of up and down votes so that it became controversial.

You can go in and use searches to help you fine tune. And if you’re code savvy enough you can actually set it up to create RSS feeds and use RSS to be able to find out when new things are coming into Reddit. They don’t have a RSS function but you can add that RSS to most of the sections and it creates an RSS feed for you.

Okay, so with many of the other social media platforms that I and many other people use. And I’ll speak specifically about LinkedIn and Twitter I find that those are very, very effective or they are moderately effective at bringing additional attention to our content.

Obviously that helps us to drive traffic and a percentage of that traffic becomes leads for what we do. I’m guessing that Reddit is not meant to be used that way at all. Is that correct?

You mean in a self promotional type of why?

Well if you write a blog post…

Or do you mean in general?

Well let me give me context. We write blog posts that are not about our product, they are not about our service, they are intended to be helpful problem solving blog posts. And so we like to promote those blog posts.

We want to get as much attention to them as we can. So what I have failed to do in the past when I tried Reddit is
I tried to find conversations that were around a topic that my blog post had relevant content and I would get banned.

What I would tell you is a side note that you mentioned, “and I would get banned” one thing that is important to understand is Reddit is built to make it so that it is hard to succeed. Reddit has layer upon layer upon layer of anti-spam mechanisms.

A lot of what goes into it will be dependent upon you as an account, the source of the content that you are submitting, what subreddit you are submitting to but a lot of times you’ll go and you’ll submit an article and it might show up in the news section for you but if you were to log out and look at that news section, your submission would actually not be there.

It is a system that they call silent moderation. When you look at a site; some sites that they air on the sides of cautions and we don’t want to eliminate content unless it has really been proven to be spam.

Reddit takes the approach of we don’t want to accept content unless it has been proven not to be spam. So the majority of submission that go into the site, never show up for anybody.

So you might submit to a subreddit and then you can go and you log out and say, “Hey, it is not showing up in the news section, then you can log back in; what you would have to do is you’d have to go to the moderator and go down to the moderator link at the side where it has the lists of the moderators.

There is a button there that says message the moderator. Now you have to message the moderator and say, “Hi I submitted this and thought it was good because of A,B and C but I notice it is not showing up. Then they will release it, once they release it then it shows up.

Sometimes because the domain has been proven to be authoritative you can have the content show up right away, but sometimes it doesn’t and if you start to see your content show up in one section it doesn’t mean it will show up in another subreddit automatically. So what you have to do is really have to go and comment and participate a bit
before you start to *inaudible*.

I would go and get comment karma which is the score that you get based on how many people vote on your comment. It is a good thing to have and being active within your community prior to submitting a link is very good.

So establish a bit of credibility to your account and then like I said if you submit something to that subreddit and you don’t see it show up. Then go message the moderators. After a couple of times of your content not showing up or whatever, your account will give a sense of authority, your domain will get a sense of authority and things will start showing up automatically.

But I wouldn’t say I am banned if you don’t see it’s just that is the way Reddit is meant to work. And their mentality is 99.99% of people should never notice that, they submit something and it doesn’t show up they shouldn’t care because they shouldn’t be worrying about whether their content show up, they should just continue to use the site anyway.

It is a strange way of approaching it but that is why that occurs. But to your other question, “Can you submit content?” Absolutely you can submit content.

The reason that I start talking about the examples going in and finding a conversation and discussing with them because that tends to be the way that people bypass some of the roadblocks to being able to submit content and have big success. Because it is not as easy as I just submit it and it succeeds.

You are submitting to a subreddit which has a small group of people and even that subreddit, for them to see it on
their dashboard with 50 to 60 other subreddits it needs to get enough traction to be in the top two or three of that subreddit.

If you submit a URL it needs to get to the top two or three of that subreddit in order for people that are subscribed to that subreddit to see it on their dashboard on the front page.

And if they’re not logged in you have to be among the top 50 to be seen regardless so that is why some of these other tactics are mentioned but the site’s main functionality is to submit content and have people discuss it.
So to write content and submitting it is actually the function of Reddit.

So let me give you an example of something that I’ll say I find confusing. So I’m on the homepage and of course at the top with 4129 votes is a story about that goofball named so if we go down to say number 10 on the homepage it only has between those little up and down arrows a number three.

So I’m assuming that means that only three people have upvoted the thing. And it says, “Event based lead capture.” And it is in self done marketing, I guess it is in the marketing subreddit. With so few votes, why?

Are you logged in?


So I see something completely different than you when you are logged in.

Okay so let me log out.

So if you log out, it will change. Once you log in it comes to what you have personally done like to what subreddit you signed up. So you might have signed up a long time ago and the subreddit that was popular at that time might have been different than the ones that are popular today. You might have gone and subscribed to a couple of them.

The front page becomes a dashboard for you. So if you go in and sign up for ten subreddits and they are all smaller subreddits you are very *inaudible* a submission with one vote at the top of your front page because it is customised for your login.

Got it.

And once you log out you should see Mel Brooks….

Yeah I do. And found my sons in a killer whale….(mention things they see on the homepage)

So let’s bring this around to something actionable. Again, a lot of the people listening to my show are interested in getting more exposure for their content. They could be in a variety of industries, a variety of niches, I know a lot of them are marketers but they want exposure.

So what is the right approach if you were to boil it down to a simple couple of steps at the high level, what is the approach that we need to take?

It is absolutely doable to succeed on Reddit and it just takes first and foremost, a little bit of time. You have to look at it as participating in the site and not just submitting a URL and hoping it succeeds. If that is what you are doing then this is probably not the best site and you should find something like Twitter that is a little easier for that.

What you want to do first and foremost is find those subreddits that really matter to you. Make an account, log in, go to the subreddits that use something like or you can search for some Reddit based statistics sites and you will find them pretty easily.

Let me stop you, sorry. You said spattit, that didn’t work. Spattit?

Brent: is what it is redirecting to and RedditMetrics seems like it is broken too. These things go up and down because they are all open source kind of projects. I’ll get you some and I’ll send them to you, some links so you can look at them because they keep changing about every two weeks.

So I have to figure out which ones are the new ones. These sites come up and down but if you search subreddit data you’ll find like a number of these sites but go in, even if you don’t have that, go in and search for the keyword under the subreddit section, find some subreddits that would relate to you.

You can see how many people are subscribed and you can see how many are actively on right now. That is a measure, if you have a site that has a 100,000 people and 300 are on right now and another that has 200 on right now one is currently more active than the other.

It is a decent enough gauge and it might not be perfect but it is a good enough gauge.

Okay so let me interrupt to get on to some questions.

You’re saying use the search box over on the right hand side, which I just did and I typed in digital marketing. So now I’ve got a bunch of result and they are all subreddits, there is marketing with a number of 269 behind it.
There is jobs with 87 behind it. What do those numbers mean?

Okay so what you did is an actual site search which is fine, which is a great way to find the more popular subreddits for that type of context. So what you’re seeing is; you’re getting search results for everything that includes the word marketing. But what you are seeing at the top of those numbers is how many submissions have been put into these different subreddits with that term in it.

So you’re seeing “/R/Marketing” is the biggest one right? And the which is kind of a coverall for all of them; you see entrepreneur, you see start-ups, ask marketing, small business, social media. These are the places that that terminology is being used and how many submissions in each of them.

So this is a way to maybe start, another thing I was talking about; if you look at that very, very top line on Reddit it has all the subreddits written across saying all sorts of things. On the far right corner of your screen above the log out button is a “edit site”. And if you click on the Edit Site it will take you to the subreddit section.

At that location you will have a search bar that will allow you to search for subreddits.

I can’t find the Edit button. I am not logged in, I see all of the ones across the top and the last…

Do you see a “more there? If you click on the more… For everybody that is listening it is is the section. If you just want to type it then you get there.

Here you are able to search for subreddits. It is not a super smart search, if you type in marketing you are going to get everything that has the word marketing in it. So it is going to take a little bit of scrolling through, it is not based on like the top one being the best result.

It is just random results on their different subreddits. You can go through and start looking for some and identify some.

Okay got it.

So basically you come with the initiative to spend a little time and learn; you find the right subreddits. The next thing you do is really read the rules. The rules of each subreddit are located at the right side of that subreddit and each different section has its own rules. And they are normally extremely strict about their rules.

So it is important to really read the rules and make sure that you follow them when you are submitting to that subreddit. But identify that, learn the rules and start by just participating. Indentify some threads of interest; some discussion that are occurring and leave some positive comments.

Participate a little bit in the conversation and you will be able to establish yourself a little bit. Your account will start getting some karma; you’ll be recognised as participating. More than anything whenever a moderator is looking to release a domain or looking to remove a domain a lot of them will look at the submitter, they can click on your link and see all of your activity on your account.

So they are going to be able to see if this person is just submitting stuff on their own site or are they submitting a bunch of different content from a bunch of different sites and are they mixing it in with comments as well. You want your profile to look very natural you want it to look like you’re a participant in the site.
The best way to do that is to participate and comment and engage and interact.

Quick question, if somebody like me got started off in the wrong way; so my account is probably not in good standing even though I can log in and everything.

Start over.

It is not IP associated?

They have a loose IP association but it is not something that I have ever ran into being an issue. There is benefits to having a good account. But not enough that you have to stress over it; if you feel that your account is bad log out, create a new one and move on. Don’t worry about it.

Another tip that I would give people is go in and look at your moderators, the moderators run the site and look at the most active members. Go and look at their account pages and you can get an idea of what they are submitting.

If you know what type of discussions the moderators are interested in; you can focus what you decide to submit to make sure it lines up with what they’re going to like.

If they are really anti a certain topic and that is the topic you’re going to try to put into their subreddit, you’re not likely to get a very positive response and that little bit of time to just learn what the moderators and active members are doing can help you pick and choose what content to put in there.

A warning for everyone, don’t try to game Reddit. Again, they don’t err on the side of caution, they err on the side of overreaction. So for instances, every time you submit something, if you go and put it on your Twitter and you go and send it to five of your friends and they all go and vote for it.

It really will not work, they have a good system for being able to just; they don’t check how diverse your voting is, they simply check, these five people have voted on this domain every time you submitted it. Therefore you are in a group and they’ll silent ban all of you.

There is no point in trying to cheat the system, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t give you a good result and it just hurts you long term. Just focus on knowing what is going to work in that subreddit and submitting something that will work and participating.

And again that might seem like a lot of work but it really doesn’t have to be. If you go and do a search and you find ten different subreddits you, you read some of the discussions, make a couple of comments, identify what works with moderators, you could submit something in a week and probably be successful with it.

It doesn’t have to be a massive amount of time it just need to be real. And if you do that I think you will have great success. One other thing people can do, is Reddit has a function called gold which is basically last year; two years ago they got a new CEO and they were basically unprofitable.

They needed to get profitable and they got kind of; they used to be under the *inaudible* umbrella and they got segmented out segmented out separately. They were running their own company now and so they had to start making profits and they had to start getting better.

One of the things that really destroyed *inaudible*’s user base is the ads and the paid elements with the ads so they decided instead of going with the heavy ads, which their users would be really unhappy with, they went with the concept of gold.

And it is basically you pay a couple of bucks a month and you get gold status which allows you see the site without ads and gives you access to a couple of different subreddits that only the gold members can view, gives you some highlights on comments; a couple of different small things but what it does is it gives you a little emblem or a little indicator that you are a gold member.

Being a gold member does give you a little bit of an edge; it is always going to help you as being seen as more part of the site and more part of supporting the site and so being a gold member is very inexpensive and it doesn’t have an algorithm that benefit you but it has a visual perception that I think is important.

Alright Brent, well I think we’ve covered how people can get started with Reddit. I guess the final two questions are, are there any blogs or books for people who want to learn more about the Reddit community and why they should use it and best practices and so forth if they were looking for some additional stuff to read.

Any recommendations on where to go?

Unfortunately Reddit is as you mentioned difficult form marketers so a lot of people shy away from it. When people are blogging they don’t talk about Reddit as much. There is not like a specific source that will cover that a lot.

We cover it as much as we can. Honestly the best thing to do is go to Google News and search Reddit or just go to Google and just search Reddit 2014 or limit the scope of your search to within the last year and search for Reddit.

There are good guides out there. People are writing about it but it is not one source. It is like a random article on Forbes or a random article on this marketing site and so forth. But there are some good stuff out there and there is a lot of stuff happening right now. AMA, everybody knows about AMA’s, Ask Me Anything. They’re used by the president, they are used by celebrities now, marketers are creating them left and right.

Individuals are creating them left and right. Those type have grown a lot, Reddit is taking funding, at a $500 million valuation they are taking $50 million in funding. They’re starting to clean up a little bit. They’re starting to police their site more, I really, really think they are on the edge of trying to make a leap to establish themselves as a major platform.

It still sends out probably the most traffic of any of the social sites as you should see. So I definitely think it is worth people’s time to get involved and participate. Hopefully people will try it out.

Okay cool and if people want to get a hold of you Brent what is the easiest way for them to do that?

My email is I blog and our company is It is not really hard to find me, I have a pretty unique last name so my contact information is out there.

Alright Brent, thank you so much for making the time to educate a neophyte on using Reddit.

Absolutely and feel free to follow up with any questions any time. I’m happy to help.

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Take care. Bye-bye

About Brent Csutoras

Brent Csutoras is a social media marketing strategist and entrepreneur, who specializes in social media marketing, content marketing, and viral content creation. Brent speaks regularly at some of the largest and well known conferences, such as SMX, Pubcon, SES, and InfoPresse. He has also been mentioned in NBC News, Diversity Journal, Ecommerce Times, Forbes, Wired, Health, the American Marketing Association, interviewed for, and quoted in Entrepreneur, as recent as 2014. Additionally, Brent acts as Head of Social Media for Alpha Brand Media and as the CMO for Pixel Road Designs, which is one of the leading Infographic and Social Media design firms.



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