Business Resolutions for 2015


If you’re looking for specific, actionable resolutions to upgrade your marketing for 2015, read on. Even if you only choose one of these resolutions, your business is sure to benefit in the coming year.

Marketing Resolutions for 2015

Want to grow your business in 2015? If you’re looking for significant business growth, here are the top resolutions you’ll want to consider taking on as your own:

  1. Develop (or Refine) Your Buyer Personas
  2. Create a Website That’s More Than a Brochure
  3. Create More Quality Content
  4. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles
  5. Use Outbound to Generate More Leads

Develop (or Refine) Your Buyer Personas

niche-stickyA solid buyer persona is the absolute foundation for the rest of the resolutions on the list. If you’d like to focus on just one resolution, this is probably it.

Have outdated buyer personas, or ones that are poorly developed? Maybe it’s time to refine them..


Create a Website That’s More Than a Brochure

Your website should provide a means to capture leads in exchange for valuable content.

It also NEEDS to be mobile-friendly – if it’s not yet, make this a high priority in the coming year.


Create More Quality Content

You already know that a lot of quality content will help you get found by search engines. Organic and referral traffic will help grow your list of leads (assuming you have a non-brochure style website).

Content can also be a great tool during the sales process, as it can help your prospects get answers to questions they have before they buy.

Be sure if this is your goal that you tailor it so that it’s more specific – “more content” isn’t a clearly defined goal. “Three blog post s a week” is.


Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

It’s a good idea to periodically revisit and update your social media profiles. If you haven’t done this for a while, the new year is a great time to tune them up!


Carry out a Strategy to Generate More Leads

Not getting enough leads from your content? Have more aggressive growth goals?

Generate demand for your services using outbound in addition to your inbound marketing.

Again, be sure to be specific goals as far as the types of campaigns and/or number of outbound leads.

Business Ruler data driven marketingResources:


None of this is useful if you don’t take action. Choose one or more resolutions from this list and get started on it in the new year.

Your business will thank you!

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