Unlock 5 Ways to Pinpoint Your Buyer for Effective Marketing

how to identify buyers needs

You know the saying: You never know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. For marketers, that saying couldn’t be more spot on.

Learning how to identify your buyers needs by figuring out how your buyer thinks, acts, investigates, and decides on a purchase is invaluable when shaping your marketing campaigns. It lets you connect on a deeper level and guide your buyer along the purchase process in a way that feels smooth and natural.

Before you put together your next marketing campaign, you should know these five factors about your buyer. 

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How to Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you laid out a content marketing strategy for your business yet? Have your content marketing efforts generated more traffic and leads?

Effective online marketing requires a well-crafted content marketing strategy. You can’t just ‘wing it’ and expect to see success. Here’s how to create an effective content marketing strategy that will generate a steady flow of traffic and leads to your business over time.

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How a Good Story Will Make You Outperform the Competition

storytelling for business

How does storytelling connect a business to its customers? How do you carve winning stories into your content? How much of your storytelling should be fact and how much is allowed to be fiction?

Back in late 2013, Groove’s founder, Trent Dyrsmid, interviewed Joe Mechlinski from EntreQuest.com. Joe shared many of his strategies from his New York Times bestselling book, Grow Regardless: Of Your Business’s Size, Your Industry, or the Economy… and Despite the Government!

This post pulls some of the best nuggets on using storytelling for your business to improve performance by attracting and retaining more clients. The lessons are timeless.

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How to Spotlight Your Target Buyer with Compelling Stories

target buyer stories

Is your company looking for ways to improve it’s image? Maybe you are asking, “How can we look better?” or “How can we make more people fall in love with our brand?”

The premise behind those questions is cause for alarm. That’s because sales are never about you. They’re always about your buyer.

Have you heard the old adage, “Tell, don’t sell?” Perhaps no truer three words have ever been spoken in the business world. People hate feeling like they’re having a product pushed down their throat by aggressive salesmen. On the flipside, everyone loves listening to a good story – especially when they’re the hero.

To get your marketing messages heard by your customers, you need to tell your target buyer’s story. Here’s how.

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“How to” Videos – a Golden Opportunity for Brands to Generate Content

How to videos for content marketing

What would happen if you were a novice in the kitchen but this year it’s your turn to cook Thanksgiving dinner? When you find out you’re in charge of the turkey, panic sets in. You’ve decided to break out your grill and try something new, but how do you grill a Thanksgiving turkey?

Chances are, if you’re like many Americans, you find the answer with a Google search.

You type in “how to grill a turkey” and up pops a helpful video. Your Thanksgiving is saved!

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How to Increase Engagement with User Generated Content

User generated content

Want to get your customers more involved in your business? Turn your most loyal brand ambassadors into content producers.

User generated content is any media that a customer (the user of your product) creates for you.

GoPro is perhaps the leader for user generated content with over 6,000 videos made with the cameras getting uploaded to YouTube daily. Look at a few examples of the user-generated content GoPro receives each day, and you’ll see impressive footage of kayaking in drainage ditches, flips over canyons, and jumping off tall buildings.

Although your product might not inspire daredevil videos, there are ways to get your customers creating content for your brand. But why should you invest time encouraging this type of content?

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4 Easy Steps to a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to create marketing strategies that work? Digital marketing helps your company grow and thrive by incorporating new marketing strategies. These new strategies help you connect with new customers and keep up with the changing markeg.

So which digital marketing strategies should you add first? In this infographic, we present 4 easy digital marketing strategies that will build a strong digital marketing foundation:

  • Get your team on board
  • Create a content strategy
  • Develop a publishing plan
  • Promote your ideas regularly

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How to Find Out What Really Matters To Your Buyers [Infographic]

what really matters to customersHave you taken the time to create one or more buyer personas for your company? That’s great! Your company is part of the 44% of businesses who have made identifying their target market a priority.

Before you pat yourself on the back though, you better take a look at this infographic by Adele Revella. Our founder, Trent, interviewed her last year and she enlightened us on the most common buyer persona mistakes. This infographic is a great visual summary of a lot of the same points she made in the interview.

The biggest issue she calls out is that very few people are taking the time to interview their customers to find out what matters most to them. That likely explains why 83% of the people who have a buyer persona find that it’s only somewhat effective.

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Why The Obsession With Visual Storytelling?

The Obsession with visual storytelling for business

Have you mastered the art of visual storytelling yet? In our picture and video saturated world, the use of visual storytelling for business is essential if you want to capture new leads, attract new customers and ensure your existing customers remain fiercely loyal to your brand.

If you decide to ignore visual storytelling completely and bore your audience with plain text posts and a complete lack of visual elements, you will eventually have to face the consequences. Unfortunately, the consequences aren’t pretty.

If you think about the most successful brands of today you’d be hard-pressed to find any that don’t completely immerse themselves in visual storytelling.

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How to Retain Customers For Life

How to retain customers for life

As a business owner or marketer, you likely face a similar set of challenges every day.

  • How will you attract new customers?
  • How can you keep your customers engaged?
  • How will you create a sustainable model for revenue growth?
  • How can you add automation throughout the entire marketing process?

In today’s ever-changing consumer environment, it will take all this and more to retain your customers for life. One of the most effective models for how you can make this happen is called customer lifecycle marketing.

What is Lifecycle Marketing? 

In a recent whitepaper, Sales Force defines customer lifecycle marketing as “a method used to inspire customers with ongoing content, offers, and messages that will drive sales, revenue, and most importantly—customer loyalty.”

The whitepaper goes on to discuss: 1) how lifecycle marketing needs to be handled for maximum effectiveness and 2) the importance of delivering content to customers how they want it and when they want it. (I can’t underscore the importance of this customer-centric approach.)

Though lifecycle marketing can be done a number of ways, a true lifecycle marketing campaign always includes the following ingredients:

  • A plan to turn potential customers into subscribers
  • A plan to engage subscribers and keep them interested in your brand, products, and services
  • A plan to impress new subscribers as soon as they join and ways to reward them as they stay with you
  • A plan for building a strong relationship with each of your subscribers, so they remain loyal.

Now that we’ve covered the basic definition of lifecycle marketing let’s dive deeper and talk about how you can use this method to create more success for your business.

Step #1:  Attract New Subscribers and Customers 

If you want website visitors to subscribe to your list, you need to entice them with a strong offer. There are a few tactics you can use, but we’ve found the following three to be especially useful.

Pop-up forms. Some business owners refuse to use pop-up forms because they think they’re too intrusive. And while they do interrupt your visitor’s experience, they provide a significant advantage because they force your website visitors to make a decision. If you can create a pop-up form with a strong, visually appealing call-to-action, you will get more subscribers.

Premium content offers. Have you ever given away your email address for a premium content offer on a website? You likely answered yes to this question – as would virtually all of your customers. Try giving away a short ebook, a video, or an in-depth guide that will prove helpful to potential subscribers.

Social Media Opt-in Offers. Take the opportunity to turn existing social fans and followers into email subscribers. They will be more likely to join your email list if they already follow you on another platform, thus increasing your customer base.

Step #2:  Keep Your Subscribers Happy 

Building a large list of subscribers is a worthy endeavor, but if the majority of those subscribers stop opening your emails, stop visiting your website, and stop responding to your communication it’s almost like not having any subscribers at all. To avoid this, you have to serve your subscribers content that speaks to them.

As you nurture your list of subscribers, you need to conduct ongoing research to determine what type of content they like, what they don’t like, and what keeps them interested.

You can do this by reaching out to various segments of your audience and ask them what their pain points are. For example, send out a short survey (try offering a free coupon or an entry into a drawing for a larger ticket item). You’ll be surprised at how much engagement comes as a result, and you will put yourself in the front of their mind as well.

Also keep a close eye on the types of content you’re already putting out that your subscribers are finding most engaging. You might identify content types that you wouldn’t have expected they would be interested in.

…it seems that all brands — no matter what category — should employ a mix of expert content, user-generated content and branded content to establish trust, educate consumers and help them navigate the decision-making process – Peyman Nilforoush – InPowered

Step #3:  Impress New Subscribers Right From the Start 

With every new subscriber comes an opportunity for more revenue. If you don’t wow your new subscribers from day one, they will eventually take the path to the land of the unsubscribed. (Or they’ll just ignore your emails.)

If you want subscribers to stick around, you need to provide them with useful offers that will incentivize them to remain in your fold. Also, don’t be afraid to get personal. Try sending a customized email to subscribers that share your content, visit your website often, or buy products and services from you.

Another great concept from SalesForce’s whitepaper: the key is to make new subscribers feel like a part of your family. Give them the inside scoop on everything you have to offer.

customer retention with email marketing

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Step #4: Focus on Subscriber Retention

The end-goal of lifecycle marketing is to retain as many subscribers as possible and win back any subscribers that have gone inactive.

When re-engaging inactive subscribers, try to incentivize them with special offers that cater to their interests. You can also reach out and ask if they’d like to see changes on your end, which may prompt them to be honest with you about your communication.

If all else fails, give them the option to unsubscribe from your list. Even though you may count it as a loss, it’s an advantage because you’re able to determine who your real potential customers are.


Customer lifecycle marketing is a proven method of attracting new subscribers, keeping them interested, and turning them into long-term customers that will contribute to your bottom line.

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