How (And Why) to Define a Targeted Audience for Your Marketing Campaign

how to define a targeted audience for your marketing campaign

The very first step in your content marketing plan should be to pick your target audience. You’d think this would be common sense; however, skipping this step is actually an extremely common mistake.

The reason it’s such a common mistake is that marketers fear that by really focusing their message on just one audience, they will “lose out” on the hundreds/thousands/millions of other potential customers that aren’t a part of that audience.

The truth is that the benefits of targeting one niche actually outweigh the negatives.

In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through the process that you should follow to select a niche, as well as give you some examples of success.
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Business Blogging

Blogging Cheat Sheet

Have you started a business blog and don’t know what to do with it? Do you know what kind of person is reading your blog? Are you blogging but not noticing an increase in business?

These days, a blog is crucial to your online marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, businesses that blog garner 97 percent more inbound links than those with static websites. Perhaps the problem is that you don’t have a detailed game plan on how to use your blog to increase business in the door? If that is the case,this business blogging cheat sheet will show you exactly what you need to do so that your blog starts to play a pivotal role in attracting more customers.

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3 Sure Fire Steps to Interesting & Valuable Blog Posts

how do you write a blog post

Publishing exceptional blog posts on a routine basis is one of the most challenging feats you will face as a marketer of a business. Whether you run an agency, a flower shop, or you operate as an online entrepreneur, blogging is not as simple as brainstorming a topic, finding resources to link to, grabbing relevant images, hitting the publish button, and then waiting for thousands of unique visitors to flood your site in a matter of minutes.

Sure it’s easy to sit down and scribble out a 200-word post to promote one of your special discount offers, but nobody wants to read about that stuff. The blog readers of today are looking for interesting data, unique content, and helpful resources to increase their knowledge of your industry, not advertising copy.

If you want to know how to write a blog post that engages your target audience and motivates them to take action (read your post, fill out an opt-in form, purchase a product, etc.), you need to create content that brings them back to your site again and again. So what is the formula for creating content like that consistently?

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Give Your 2015 B2B Marketing Strategy a Boost: Stop Doing These 4 Things

Give Your 2015 B2B Marketing Strategy a Boost

Do you ever feel like you’re taking two steps forward and one step back in your B2B marketing strategy? Sometimes, marketers fall victim to the shiny object syndrome. You see a new strategy, and you charge toward it at full speed. But is it the right approach for your marketing goals?

There are four crucial mistakes that we see marketers make time and time again. Although it might sound counterintuitive, you can boost your marketing by stopping certain behaviors.

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5 Key Insights on How to Win Your Buyer’s Heart

Buyer Demographics

Have you ever wondered how to determine exactly who your Buyer Personas are to be as persuasive as possible with your marketing material? In this article, you will find out exactly what method to follow to get your buyer personas right the first time around. On the 14th of October, we did an interview with Adele Revella from the Buyer Persona Institute. What follows here is a summary of what you need from your buyers and how to get that knowledge from them to set up your Buyer Personas. Read more

How To Use Marketing Influencers to Amplify Your Content’s Reach

Marketing Influencers

If you’ve been in business for more than a few years, chances are you’ve attended your fair share of networking events.

Mixers, luncheons, and breakfasts seem to dominate the schedules of busy executives. You join networking organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, as a way to get exposure and get in front of a targeted crowd. What for?

For most people, the answer to why you’re such a big part of offline networking groups is to get referrals and bring in more business.

What about online?

Recommendations from familiar faces, branded websites, and consumer opinions posted online top the charts as the most trustworthy way to find brands, according to Nielsen. More interesting is the fact that the percentage of people trusting this information continues to rise year over year.

More consumers are turning to the Internet for shopping tips and buying advice. For your brand to thrive in the digital world, it needs to get front and center on your website AND through the voice of others.

The best way to do this is by getting the attention of marketing influencers.

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10 Reasons Content Marketing Isn’t Working for You

content marketing fails for these 10 reasons

You’ve read blog posts, articles, and reports about the power of content marketing in today’s digital market. So why isn’t it working for your company?

It’s frustrating. You write, you publish, you promote (but not over-promote), and still nothing happens. There isn’t a surge of traffic. Your sales have not spiked over last year’s goals. What’s the problem? 

Content marketing is perhaps THE strongest strategy in online marketing. But if you’re guilty of one of these 10 common content marketing fails, you could be spinning your marketing wheels without seeing the results you anticipated.

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Business Resolutions for 2015


If you’re looking for specific, actionable resolutions to upgrade your marketing for 2015, read on. Even if you only choose one of these resolutions, your business is sure to benefit in the coming year.

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How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign [Free Checklist]

inbound marketing campaign

Are you generating consistent leads from your content marketing? Do you even know how to properly setup an inbound marketing campaign? If you miss a critical element in your campaign, it could be a total flop.

Inbound marketing can be an effective tool to generate leads and increase sales as well as position yourself and your company as an authority in your industry. Inbound continues to move ahead as one of the most powerful strategies for reaching new audiences.

If you are ready to hit the “GO” button on your inbound marketing campaign, make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your T’s before you dive in.

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3 Ways to Create Thought Leadership


content marketing, Thought Leadership

How would you like to be seen as the obvious expert in your space? Do you think that would make it easier for you to get clients? Do you think you’d be able to charge those clients more for your services?

To answer these questions, consider that we’re all barraged with a constant stream of problems in our lives, from “what am I going to have for lunch?” to “how am I going to grow my business?” to “that mole on my arm looks a little suspicious – should I be worried?”

derm-checking-moleInevitably the pain of having these problems, and the desire to solve them, causes us to search for solutions. Let’s use the example of that suspicious looking mole. In trying to decide whether there’s cause for concern, you might try:

  • a Google search,
  • asking a friend who’s had moles removed for their advice, or
  • consulting with a physician.

Which information would you value the most? Which would you pay for? Obviously the physician, especially if it’s a dermatologist you’re seeing. The reason is simple: they’re seen as experts in skin.

This tendency to most highly value advice from experts holds true for other problems as well. Unsurprisingly, the more you are assumed to be an expert – or the more name recognition you have – the more you can charge.

So how do you go about establishing yourself as an expert? Follow this simple process and become a thought leader – no medical school required.

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