How to Get Started With Content Marketing

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At a recent business networking event that I attended, I had the opportunity to be a firsthand witness to a “power networker” named Dave. Dave was a networking machine and he worked the room like no one I’ve ever seen, passing out business cards left and right.

Dave was amazing. In fact, he was the talk of the room.

Problem was that none of the “talk” was flattering. In fact, it was exactly the opposite. In just under an hour, Dave had managed to become the most annoying person in the room.
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Is Content Marketing Worth the Investment?

Is content marketing worth it? Can your company achieve a positive ROI by investing in blogging, social media, and marketing automation?

For the folks that speak “ROI”, this guide from Eloqua will likely be very helpful (warning: opt-in required to download it) as it goes into plenty of detail on all the metrics that the C-Suite could ever want to see.

Below are a few snippets from two reports, one from Eloqua and one from Hubspot.
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