The 5 Steps to Creating the Ideal Website Conversion Path

website conversation path

Do you get plenty of visitors to your website but low conversions? Do you need to turn your website into a lead generating machine?

An optimized website conversion funnel is critical to your success.

If you are selling a product or service online or even trying to get visitors to take a simple action like signing up for a free newsletter, you already have a conversion funnel. If you are not getting conversions, then your funnel is not optimized.

Are you ready to learn how to improve your website conversion rates? Read on to understand the conversion process so that you can apply it to your funnel and take actions to improve it.

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Five Successful Secrets to Landing Big Name Clients

Secrets to landing big clients

What are some agencies doing differently to grab big name clients? How can you improve your chances to start working with the Fortune 500? Not only does it pay better but counter intuitively it’s usually easier and a lot less fuss to work with larger “big brand clients.”

There are lots of reasons for this. Everyone is afraid of going after the big brands because they seem intimidating. Because of this they are contacted by less salespeople looking for a quick sale. This is where you can swoop in, add real value, and get their business.

This is an article that is based on an interview with Bill Carmody from You can listen to it here.

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4 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience with Automation

4 ways to use automation

Pleasing customers and enhancing their interactions with your company all comes down to managing the customer experience. Most large companies have a goal that focuses on how to enhance customer experience, yet their efforts fall short for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that there simply isn’t enough manpower or time in the workday to follow up with customers who’ve purchased or shown interest in your products or services.

While some might be hesitant to use automation due to its impersonal nature, when done well automated follow up can be both helpful and personal. Learn more about how automation can enhance customer experience management and help you reach company goals.

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How to Amplify Multi-Channel Marketing Results

How to amplify multi channel ecommerce marketing results

Ads, emails, social media, oh my! Customers are interacting with your business on so many channels online, it’s hard to keep up.

If you’re like most marketers, you choose the easiest (and least effective) way to manage all these customer interactions by breaking them down individually. You track all the interactions from email marketing in one column. Then, you track all of the engagements you see on social media in another.

There’s no overlap in your analysis – and therein lies the problem.

Managing customer interactions across multi-channel e-commerce requires a strategic approach.

Nielsen conducted a study recently about the new digital reality among customers. Their findings showed that today’s consumers have a variety of digital devices at their disposal, and they use most of these to access content.

  • More customers having a smartphone close by while watching TV has transformed television advertising.
  • With social media becoming the norm, businesses have changed the way they approach target audiences on social networks.
  • The always-connected consumer lifestyle changes how people shop, behave in stores and interact with products online.

It’s time to break free from data silos and start analyzing customer interactions across all channels.

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What Is Closed Loop Marketing? [Free Guide]

what is closed loop marketing ebook Are you unsure of where you should start to implement successful closed-loop marketing? Do you understand the value that you can attain from closed-loop marketing data?

This 37 page eBook will walk you through a step-by-step explanation of what closed-loop marketing is, how closed-loop marketing works and how it can help you become a better marketer. The eBook will also show you how you can fix your loop if you spot something odd in it.

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Video Conversion: Video Moves Business [Infographic]

The image below perfectly illustrates why any business not using video is leaving something on the table. Something big. Granted, most of our video goodness happens after people become subscribers, but it does happen before they become customers. In the blog post prior to this one, you’ll see me on video. To see some additional ninja video in action, check out my YouTube channels:

Ready to learn how video increases conversion?  Let’s start with understanding why video is such a big deal. When you connect with your clients using video (or through a podcast), it’s a much more personal connection. So it would make sense that you’d see increased conversions.. but just how much is pretty impressive! Read more

10 Things You Must Know about Conversion Rate Optimization (Before You Start)

This is a guest post by Jeremy Smith. Jeremy is a conversion optimization consultant at

I’ve been doing CRO for a while, plus telling other people how to do CRO. Conversion Rate Optimization requires a lot of data, a little bit of science, a ton of knowledge, and a load of patience. But it’s really not that complicated — as long as you go into it with the right mindset.

But what is that “right mindset?” How do get your head screwed on right as you prepare to dive into the mysterious, dark, and untamed jungle of Conversion Rate Optimization.

The question I frequently get, whether I am training folks for online marketing or speaking at an event is, “what is conversion optimization really all about?” That’s a very loaded question. Actually, I wanted to break it down in its simplest format and explain what conversion optimization is all about.

You’re about to read the answer to these questions. I asked myself, “What do people really need to know about CRO before they start?” And then I developed an answer. Let’s dive into ten succinct points that give you brass tacks about conversion rate optimization.

Let me give you my big idea: Conversion Rate Optimization is not about tricks, techniques, or dark arts. It’s about your entire website, presence, and marketing. It’s bigger than just hiring a CRO consultant to do some voodoo on your site. You need to step back and take in the whole picture.

Now, let me break it down….

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How to Determine the Exact Number of Leads You Need to Hit Next Month’s Sales Target

Do you stress each month about your team meeting its sales goals? Are you confident that the targets you’ve set are the most rational based on past performance and future company goals? Or, do you just periodically raise your numbers by a set percent?

The five steps below will help you calculate the number of leads you need to meet your goals next month. The steps are simple to implement based on a few metrics you probably already have in place. Best of all, consistently using this process and reviewing and tracking progress will help your predictions become more accurate with time.

Working backwards from your existing data is the best way to get an accurate picture of where you need to be. Here are the steps to take:
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Top 10 Insights on Effectively Using Content Marketing For Your Business

inbound marketing

Are you wondering if content marketing will work for your business? Do people in your industry read blogs? Do they engage in social media?

In 2013, HubSpot surveyed just over 3,300 marketers from around the world to gain valuable insights into the inbound marketing (another name for content marketing) landscape.

Over the past five years, we’ve witnessed a tectonic shift in how people work and live, and marketers have started to adapt. Engaging consumers is no longer about pushing out interruptive messages. It’s about connecting with people in the places and on the devices they prefer. It’s about integrating content and context for a richer, relevant, and personalized experience, from the time someone first hears about your brand to the point they’re buying your product and telling their friends about it. It’s about creating marketing people love: inbound marketing. Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot @mvolpe

Before we get into the findings, let’s first quickly review the content marketing methodology.
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How to Measure the ROI for an Inbound Marketing Campaign Using Hubspot

Inbound Marketing Tools from HubSpot

Marketers have a large number of different responsibilities that they’re expected to complete on a monthly basis. Despite this, the goal or “endgame” always remains the same: to drive new revenue towards an organization in any way possible.

To do this, you need to ask yourself how to provide real value to all of the landing pages, blog posts, leads and campaigns that you’re creating. What separates a good landing page from a bad one? Is a blog post worth the time and money it costs to create it if it isn’t being read?

Measuring the performance and ROI of your marketing initiatives can not only help you understand which channels are effective, what’s working, and what’s not, but it can also help you prove to your business’ executive team that the money they’re investing in your marketing budget is actually generating results. -Pamela Vaughan @HubSpot

Tying your efforts to the bottom line is difficult under even the best circumstances, but especially so when your sales cycle is both long and spans across a dozen or more touch points along the way. Luckily, using inbound marketing tools like HubSpot and Salesforce together will make the accurate measuring of your inbound marketing ROI easier than ever before.

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