Free Toolkit for Launching and Measuring a Remarkable Campaign

online marketing campaign templateIf you don’t deliver the goods to the people who decide to follow your campaign you will lose their trust and they will likely stop listening to what you have to say.

A campaign is not an idea that is simply thrown out into the world, it’s a complete strategy. In order to see the ROI of that strategy, you need the proper tools to guide you along the way.

Ready to learn which marketing tools should be in your handy marketing tool kit? This guide provides an online marketing campaign template that includes the details of a successful online marketing campaign.

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How to Generate Leads on Demand with Outbound Prospecting

outbound prospecting process

Inbound marketing is the hot new kid on the marketing block. Yet sometimes, it’s just not the best strategy for the situation.

Inbound marketing works great for getting your company found by customers, delivering value that’s hard to refuse, and reaching buyers across the purchase journey. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Yet sometimes, this system doesn’t work as effectively to get prospects interested. In those times, outbound marketing might be a better fit.

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Social Prospecting – Using Social Media to Find New Leads [Free Workbook]


Is it your job to make people aware of what your company can offer? Are you prospecting using social media to target your ideal clients?

Social prospecting is the art of scouring the social web, identifying potential prospects for your business, and engaging them to draw them to your site and get them into your sales funnel.

It’s beyond monitoring keywords. It’s about engaging people that may or may not know what your business can do for them.

We’ve identified the quickest way to find potential prospects on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

Do you want to learn the fundamentals of how to listen to social media conversations in order to generate leads for your business?


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The Truth About Using Buyer Personas to Increase Profit

how to use buyer personas to increase conversions

Did you just finish up your buyer personas? If so, you have a healthy familiarity with your buyer. You know her wishes, wants, and dreams. You know what makes her tick and what makes her cringe. But now what?

Some people go through the exercise of creating outstanding buyer personas, only to tuck them away and never use them effectively. Don’t make that same mistake.

Buyer personas are vital to your marketing and overall business success. They show you what your customers want and need. They show you how you can craft messages that inspire your customers to buy. They’re your connection to the people behind each purchase.

Here are three ways you can use your buyer personas to shape your marketing and product development – all the while, giving your business a boost.

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5 Proven Questions That Whip Up Informative Buyer Personas

buyer persona interview

You think you know someone, but then, they do something that surprises you. That’s true for friends and people you know in your personal life, as well as for your buyers.

Buyers today shift and change with the times. Unless a company gives them a compelling reason to stay loyal, buyers tend to flit back and forth between brands. The big hurdle that marketers must solve is discovering how to build brand loyalty so that nothing can tear customers away.

Buyer personas are the first step toward making this happen.

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B2B Messaging: How to Market When You’re Selling to a Group

b2b demand generation

Is Your B2B Marketing Message Costing You Sales?

It’s common practice in way too many firms. Marketers focus on the target message while salesmen focus on converting leads into buyers. They are two separate departments with two separate functions.

Makes sense, right? Not really.

No matter how incredible your product might be, if the message isn’t clear, people won’t knock on your door with interest to buy. Those that do express interest and get shuffled on to the sales team might not be a great fit, making your top salesmen work even harder to convert buyers.

Without a solid understanding of who your buyer is and what your buyer needs, wants or doesn’t want, you cannot boost conversion rates and grow.

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