How to Build a Successful B2B Demand Generation Marketing Program

How to Build a Successful B2B Demand Generation Marketing Program

If you are an executive tasked with creating demand for your product or service, there is a very strong possibility that what was working quite well for you in the past isn’t working nearly as well today.

If that is the case, this post is for you!

As the host of the Bright Ideas podcast, I have the good fortune of being able to use interviews to tap into the minds of some of today’s smartest marketers. Many of these marketers work for venture-backed startups with very ambitious growth objectives.

In other words, I get to pick the brains of some pretty smart folks on a regular basis.

In recent interviews, it has come to my attention that outbound marketing is far from dead. In fact, if done correctly, and supported by content, outbound marketing is still very effective.

Before we get into all the nitty-gritty details, let’s first make sure we are on the same page with the terminology.

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How to Tempt New Customers with Lead Magnets

lead magnet

To develop the right lead-generation strategy, you need to develop a precise blend of art and science. After all, you’re asking prospects to part with something precious to them, a little bit of their privacy, in exchange for something that’s usually intangible.

Making sure you ask in the right way and at the right time is paramount, because an enticing hook can generate hundreds of leads for your business every day. Formulating a plan can mean the difference between a robust lead campaign and a ho-hum effort with lackluster results.

To make your target market customers an offer they can’t refuse, start with these six simple rules.

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How to Grow Your Email List – 21 Ways

How to grow your email list

Your email list is one of your greatest assets. The search engine giant Google can’t take it away from you. The social media kings (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) can’t shut it down.

Are you focusing on generating and capturing leads into your email database? Do you want to know how to grow your email list faster? In the infographic below, you’ll learn 21 powerful ways to add targeted prospects to your email list. Some of them require tweaks to your website, others utilize social media channels and still others integrate video and other sites that you may currently be ignoring.

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4 Steps to Ensure Your Website Attracts Your Ideal Customer

4 steps to attract website

Everybody wants more traffic their site.

The trouble is that not all traffic is going to be of equal value. In fact, unless you discover how to attract exactly the right type of visitor to your site, the chance that you are going to see the results you expect are pretty slim.

Thankfully, there is a process that you can use to attract the right type of traffic and in today’s post, I’m going to share it with you.

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Why Your Start-up Should Focus on One Special Client

How your startup can get more clients

If you are just starting out in business, figuring out how to get more clients and service them properly might seem very overwhelming. We have a strategy that can help you get to a scalable level of clients for your business while dodging some of the potholes that are typically part of this journey.

This strategy is built around the premise of getting an experimental client. When you focus on getting one big customer and building your entire business around meeting the needs of this customer your foundation is built on being helpful and relevant. That is what Chris Heiler from did when he started his agency. They focus exclusively on servicing landscaping businesses and they started by focusing on only one. You can listen to a very insightful interview our founder did with him here.

In this article, we are going to explore the advantages of following this experimental strategy and the implications it has for your start-up.

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How to Ignite Lead Generation with LinkedIn

linkedin lead generation tips

Ever wondered how to connect with anyone on LinkedIn for free without having a premium account? Last year we interviewed LinkedIn expert extraordinaire Viveka von Rosen. You can listen to that episode here. For those of you that prefer to read, we’ve pulled out the top nuggets including:

  • Exactly how to use hidden tactic of connecting on LinkedIn for free.
  • A LinkedIn lead generation strategy you should be using.
  • Some changes LinkedIn made to their Inmail policy.
  • Three actions you should take immediately to get the most mileage out of your LinkedIn profile.

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7 Ways to Guarantee a Flood of New Leads

How to Generate Leads

If you’re trying to learn how to generate more leads for your company, you may have already realized that inbound marketing is a necessity. But it can be difficult to connect marketing and sales solidly. It may feel a little risky to link your marketing directly to your lead goals—gaining leads, after all, can seem more like an art than a science.

Who’s to say, after all, that X blog posts each month will lead to Y traffic and Z new leads?

Perhaps that’s why, as a results-focused inbound marketing agency, when we come to an existing inbound marketing campaign, we often see a lack of focus on gaining new leads. To us, this is odd. Why embark on an inbound marketing campaign in the first place if not to establish leads that convert into sales? Why launch a marketing venture if there’s no way of measuring your ROI?

If you break it down into actionable measures, you can see where simply understanding elements of this ‘art’ can improve your lead generation.

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3 Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media

lead generation on social media

As marketers, we do a heck of a lot of talking. We write copy, we create podcasts, and we shout our messages from the social media rooftops. But when do we stop to listen?

Listening is a fundamental quality that often gets lost in the shuffle. We’re so busy trying to promote our businesses that we rarely get the opportunity to sit down and absorb whether our message is heard or whether it is falling on deaf ears.

One reason for this is that listening is a little harder when you’re speaking to the masses. Where do you look to know if something is working or not?

But on social media, a lack of listening is no longer an excuse.

Social media is built around conversation. As you know from your personal life, conversations are a two-way street.

Here are a three ways you can hone your listening skills on social media and generate more leads.

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A Scientific Way to Generate Leads With Content Marketing [Infographic]

Are you struggling to meet your lead generation goals? Are you ready to learn how to generate leads with a scientific approach to content marketing?

An overwhelming 80 percent of the most effective B2B content marketers cite lead generation as a primary goal of content marketing, according to the B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report published by the Content Marketing Institute. What are the key steps that these effective content marketers take?

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The Dumbest LinkedIn Mistake I See Over and Over Again

dumbest-linkedin-mistakeWhen used properly, LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for generating leads for your company.

Sadly, most people totally screw this up.

What I’m about to show you has happened to me at least 100 times, and I have ignored the person who reached out to me every single time.

If you are making the LinkedIn mistake I’m about to show you, PLEASE STOP! People who use LinkedIn this way are annoying the heck out of people and I don’t want you to be one of them.
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