How to Solve the Disconnect Between Marketing and Sales for B2B Companies

marketing and sales teams working together

The sales team is from Mars and the marketing team from Venus or so it seems sometimes. These two groups usually struggle to work well together. Why is this? The disconnect between the marketing department and the sales department is usually because of a communication gap that can be fixed with clear communication systems.

The marketing team focuses on getting leads. The sales team then has to establish contact and ideally get a sale. But not all leads are equally valuable and this is where lead quality control needs to be established. Today we are going to look at how the marketing team can make the sales team’s job so much easier by focusing on attracting someone that is likely to buy. In the process, everybody’s job will become easier because it will improve the overall health of the company.

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How to Make More Sales by Talking to Fewer People

content marketing and sales conversion

Leading with value is what the concept of content marketing is built on. If you are struggling to sell, the problem might be in how you are structuring the offers you are laying in front of your prospects. In this article, we are going to discuss some simple strategies you can utilize to dramatically increase your close ratio.

Many well-meaning frustrated business people think just because they have a great product people should be standing in line outside their door shouting, “Shut up and take my money.” They forget one crucial aspect. Trust.

People don’t trust you and don’t think that you have their best interests at heart. Trust has to be won. How do you win trust?

You earn trust by crafting better offers. A better way to put it is you have to craft offers that your prospects can’t refuse.

Trent Dyrsmid, the host of the Bright Ideas Podcast, talks about trust in business using a dating analogy. You don’t ask someone you have a romantic interest in and just met to marry you immediately.

  1. You go on a coffee date first.
  2. You bring her flowers.
  3. Then you go for a movie together.

The relationship is escalated in an intelligent way. Business is the same. And now we are going to look at how to open that initial conversation channel.

In other words, how do we craft a better offer to get the client hooked and ready for bigger business. Even though you have their best interests at heart, and you will give them value for their money or ROI you have to start from this foundation. The art of crafting an offer they can’t refuse.

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Abandoning the Suitcase: Why Inside Sales Teams Are Growing in Popularity

inside sales teamAre your sales teams still pounding the pavement and knocking on doors to try to find your next sale? You might be wasting your time and money. Inside sales teams are quickly overtaking the tired approach of outside sales.

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Selling Strategy: How to Become a Trusted Advisor to the C Suite

selling strategies that establish trust

The key to understanding how to sell into the C suite doesn’t come from understanding how to sell to c-level executives, as much as it does from understanding how they buy.

C-level executives don’t care about the features, advantages, and benefits of your product.

Instead, they care about how much of an impact your product or service will have on helping them to solve their biggest problems.

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How to Use Agile Processes to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing & Sales

marketing and sales

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff is a contributing author for this post.

Everyone has a to-do list, and it gets bigger everyday but when was the last time you asked yourself, “Why?”

  • Why are you in business?
  • Why are you doing what’s on your to-do list for the day?
  • Why did the opportunity to work on this project arrive on YOUR team’s desk?

For many, the question of “why” something is happening is uncomfortable. It’s easier to bury your head in the sand and look only at the tasks assigned to you. After all, you are productive when you are marking tasks done and what harm could come from trying to get more done? Isn’t that why you’re in business? To get stuff done?

Yes and no. Let’s dig in.
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How to Use Content Supported Prospecting to Pursue Your Target Accounts

Are you struggling to get the attention of your prospects? Would you like to learn a way to turn a prospective customer into client without having to cold call?

In this video, I introduce the concept of Content Supported Prospecting. Learn why this method is a lot more effective than old-fashioned cold calling and cold emailing sales techniques.

Click here to watch the prior video in this series. Want to book a time to speak with the Groove team? Just visit our online calendar and choose a time that is convenient for you or call us right now at 208-391-2057.
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How to Build an Online Sales Funnel to Nurture Your Leads

Click here to watch the prior video in this series. Want to book a time to speak with the Groove team? Just visit our online calendar and choose a time that is convenient for you or call us right now at 208-391-2057.
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The Third Call: The Right Way to Deliver a Strategy Presentation

strategy presentation

Having a website that consistently generate leads for you is critical.

So is having a deliberate sales process that ensures you don’t blow it with any of the qualified leads your inbound marketing campaign has generated for you.

As the host of a popular podcast, I have had the opportunity to interview hundreds of other CEOs, and, much to my surprise, not very many of them reported having a really well-defined sales process in place.

Perhaps this was because many of them run smaller (under $10M in rev) companies, or perhaps it’s because they just haven’t thought about it.

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the third installment in our 3-step sales process: how to deliver a strategy presentation (and avoid writing proposals).

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The Second Call: How to Build Trust with an Exploratory Call



When you hit your stride with inbound marketing, you are going to start to receive a steady stream of new leads, and, as we discussed in our last post on qualifying questions, not all of them are going to be worth your time.

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The First Call: How to Qualify a New Business Prospect



Thanks to our consistent blogging and optimized calls to action, we get a LOT of leads from our blog. Sadly, not all of them are a good fit for our services, so ensuring that we focus our attention on the right leads is absolutely critical to our success.

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