This category of posts will be all about social media marketing including facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest and all the latest platforms.

How to Get More Blog Traffic from Social Media

more blog traffic from social media

This is a guest post from Ernest Thompson from

If only it was as easy as tweeting out a link and expecting people to click on it in your quest to get more blog traffic from social media! It takes a broader plan than that, a bit of time, and consistent use. If you’re smart about it and use your time wisely, you can see your traffic counters moving upwards all thanks to social media.

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The Best Social Media Sites for Promoting B2B Content

B2B contentHave you come to the realization that not all social media networks are created equally when it comes to generating business? Do you know which social networks are the best social networks for business?

If you are looking to increase your the ROI for your social media efforts, read on. New research indicates that the best social media sites for business content might not be the ones that you would immediately expect. All social media sites have their own unique functions, and you need to think about the way your content fits in to help achieve the maximum levels of success.
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Reddit AMA Marketing – Top Insights from Successful AMA’s [Infographic]

step by step guide to redditHave you heard of Reddit yet? Have you learned how to use Reddit effectively to build your audience and increase your organic website rankings?

Per Wikipedia, Reddit is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system.

Reddit has honestly become one of the most useful, popular and informative social networking sites on the entire web. – Elise Moreau,

Reddit AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” To find these go to

In the infographic below, you’ll learn what Reddit AMA’s can teach you about marketing.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Make Connections with Qualified Prospects

linkedin prospecting

Are you looking for a systematic way for your sales team to generate qualified leads using social media? If so, you are not alone.

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of receiving an email from a guy named Doug, who’d read one of the most popular articles I’ve ever written.

Here’s what Doug wrote to me:

Hi Trent, and thank you for accepting my invitation.

How can you help? OMG, do you have a comfortable chair?

It may be best in a phone call. In brief, we are not on the same page (people at my own company) when it comes to social media.

When we push too many emails to the sales force and determine few even open the information, our solution is to send the information next day air because the emails are not being read. My bet is soon they will not open the next day air letters so we will change to carrier pigeons. Um, what about sending more valuable content? Nah, that can’t be it.

Our social media content does not get enough views so now they want to change the time of day to a optimal time. Argh! How about we send valuable content?

Your article was like a breath of fresh air, validation for what I have been saying.

I need to see how I can incorporate you, or your company, into a presentation.

I need to be upfront. At this time, the company is committed to another, outsourced social media company. In my opinion, our efforts have not been very social.

Call me when it works for you Trent.

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How to Explode Your Social Following with Other People’s Content

how to increase your social following

Creating new content requires time and resources and depending on who you ask, it can be very hard work. If you have limited time and a limited budget the fastest way to get traffic and followers from your social media marketing efforts is by finding prominent people that already have a big following, similar to that which you would like to attract, and piggyback off of their content and followers. In the process, you will be strengthening and promoting their brand.

This article is a look at some of the principles and tactics that we learned from an interview with Mark Lerner from Oktopost on how to increase your social following.

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How to Build a Big Email List with Paid Facebook Advertising

facebook paid advertisingWould you like to learn a secret that could double or triple your blog traffic? What if I told you that setting up just one type of advertising campaign could give you those kinds of results?

Recently we interviewed Amanda Todorovich from the Cleveland Clinic. Amanda’s team used Facebook to increase their blog traffic by 800%!

The Cleveland Clinic’s marketing objectives are to be as visible and helpful as possible to their prospective patients. Because of the industry they are in, there is no way for them to create demand for their services. By being highly visible, they become the automatic choice for their prospects should a health issue arise in the future.

In this post, we’ve pulled out the golden nuggets on tackling Facebook marketing and answer some frequently asked questions:

  • Is it possible to get results without a content piece?
  • How should you approach the process if you don’t want to waste valuable marketing dollars?
  • Can it work to send your prospects to a sales page immediately?

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3 Ways to Use Facebook for Lead Generation

facebook lead generation

Note: This is a guest post from Michael Bird from Social Garden

If your small- or medium-sized business doesn’t have a Facebook business page, then you’re missing out on some serious lead generation opportunities. Facebook is an easy way to stay in touch with your consumer base and build strong brand awareness and loyalty. Best of all creating an account is free, and the site in general – even its advertising options – are user-friendly.

But advertising and generating strong leads on Facebook takes more than just having an account. While posting regularly is a great way to communicate with your fans, it’s not enough to really get people interested and talking about your product. To go the extra mile and start generating leads, you need to start using Facebook ads.

Want to learn some great Facebook advertising tips? Here are the three best ways to use Facebook advertising for lead generation.

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Twitter

ways to drive traffic to your website with twitter

To create successful social media campaigns can be very time-consuming and knowing what will work is not always that clear cut. You dream of creating fully automated campaigns that give you a worthwhile return on investment for your time.

Twitter is by far the easiest social platform to master and can consistently drive traffic to your website if you are willing to take some necessary steps. This post is a summary of a five-part podcast series that explains how to get Twitter working for you.

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How to Use Twitter to Get to Know Your Target Market

twitter research tools

Does Twitter leave you feeling baffled?

Have you ever logged into your Twitter feed and wondered, “how can I pull out any information from these short messages?”

You’re not alone. Twitter bewilders many marketers. You know there’s quality insights and information buried in the 140 character tweets, but how do you extract that?

Here are five ways that you can use Twitter to get more familiar with your target market.

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7 Startling Truths About Social Media

interesting facts about social media

Are your social media efforts inconsistent? Is your brand identity fading? Has every network investment yielded nothing but lost time and wasted dollars?

Are you ready to learn seven interesting facts about using social media for branded networking?

A Not-So-Sweet Song

It’s time to face the music, brand marketers: Social media is not infallible. All too often posts strike sour chords, leaving you unable to generate the necessary traffic, sales, and ROI. Your hashtag attempts rank as double-flats on the network scale.

Why does this happen? Perhaps you, like so many other marketers, have let the Pied Pipers of social media lead you in the wrong direction?

Let’s discover seven interesting facts about social media for branded networking.

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