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9 Tips for Successful Video Marketing Campaigns in 2016

tips for success video marketing campaigns

This is a guest post by Stefan Ivanovski

The rise of online video is hard not to notice – especially in the past couple of years. The stats and predictions by themselves are pretty impressive. In 2016, Cisco’s white paper predicts that online video will account for 55% of the total consumer Internet traffic.

There are billions of views every single day on video platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. When compared to written content, a video is more engaging, informative and it converts better. Because of this, it is a very useful tool for companies to communicate with their customers, and target new audiences.

If you haven’t considered it by now, you should seriously think about using videos as part of your marketing activities. To help you start off, here are 9 tips for successful video marketing campaigns in 2016.

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Video Conversion: Video Moves Business [Infographic]

The image below perfectly illustrates why any business not using video is leaving something on the table. Something big. Granted, most of our video goodness happens after people become subscribers, but it does happen before they become customers. In the blog post prior to this one, you’ll see me on video. To see some additional ninja video in action, check out my YouTube channels:

Ready to learn how video increases conversion?  Let’s start with understanding why video is such a big deal. When you connect with your clients using video (or through a podcast), it’s a much more personal connection. So it would make sense that you’d see increased conversions.. but just how much is pretty impressive! Read more

How to Stop Getting Ignored and Break Through the Clutter in Your Prospect’s Inbox

Back in 2010 when I first got started with email marketing, I thought I knew what I was doing. I embedded a form on my site, offered something of value for free, and people opted into my list.

Overnight, I fancied myself a highly sophisticated email marketer. My list was growing steadily, I was converting prospects to customers, and my revenue steadily increased.

Damn, I’m so smart….or so I thought.

The problem I began having was that my email open rates (how many people opened my emails) started to decline.

Why did this happen? Because I was sending everybody on my list exactly the same stuff, without stopping to check in with them on what they were actually interested in.


Now that I have the benefit of hindsight, I can see that the huge mistake that I was making was I wasn’t segmenting my list into groups of similar people. Here’s how to get your email noticed.
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