How to Double Your Blog’s Conversion Rate

I continually see bloggers making a number of critical mistakes that are killing their blog conversion rate. In this brief video, I share 5 essential things you must do on every blog post in order to increase engagement and conversions.

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Hi there, my name is Trent from Groove Digital Marketing and in this very short video I want to point out to you a number of mistakes that I see on blog after blog after blog. And these mistakes are absolutely killing your conversion ratio.

So most times when I go to a blog, what I find is a headline that is not terribly interesting and a huge block of text and a comment form. That is the wrong way to do it.

Here is the right way to do it.

Headlines are critically important; you have to know who you are writing for and you have to know what it is that is going to get them interested. The headline is what is going to be seen on social media or Twitter or LinkedIn or where ever. And it is what is going to get the person to come to your blog to even read the article.

Once they read it; here is the first thing that most companies do wrong. They do not have a compelling intro paragraph. Why do I want to read this thing? You need to tell me that in the very first paragraph so that in the first few seconds I can figure out if I want to keep reading.

Then the other thing about people who read online is we are all skim readers. We all have the attention span of a gnat and I am sure that you are no different. We are in a hurry. So you need to make extensive use of sub headlines and images.

The sub headlines of your blog post, they need to tell the story. They need to tell me what is in it for me if I want to invest the time to read this article. Very few companies do this and as a result their blog posts aren’t getting read.

The other thing that they are not doing is they are not using images which break up those big blocks of text and make it easier on the eyes.

Social proof. These are meant to be social icons. Twitter shares Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares, whatever social networks are important to you should be here. And I know when I go to a blog that is one of the very first things that I look at. Is this article getting shared? If no one is sharing the article chances are no social proof, “Nah I don’t want to invest the time to read it. “ So your content promotion strategy as well as the quality of your content is going to directly affect how much social sharing you are getting.

So all of the things that I have described so far, they are not even the biggest mistake. By far the biggest mistake that I see is a complete absence of a call to action. People read a post and then what; you need to tell them what to do. So a call to action is where you are offering a piece of premium content that basically says some version of, “Hey if you like this article and you would like to get some more detailed information on this topic, click this button.”

If you don’t have this button, people are not going to navigate to your Contact Us page, fill it in and say give me a call. It is way too early in the buyer’s journey for that. They don’t want to talk to your sales department yet. They don’t trust you yet, they are just going to leave. So if you put a call to action on, what will happen is when people click it they are going to head over here to a landing page.

The landing page is very different than any other page on your blog in that it is purpose driven with one goal and one goal only and that is to get a visitor to convert into a lead. You don’t want any navigation; you don’t want any branding; maybe a logo but that is it. You don’t want footers; you want a very very basic page so there is only one thing to do. You want to get their name their email and their phone number and you want them to click that submit button right there.

And the way that you do that; captivating headline, sub headline with some kind of benefit statement because remember, “What is in it for me?” That is what they are always thinking.

If you are advertising an e-book, which tends to work very very well, put a picture of the cover of the e-book on. Put some bullet points and some more benefits on. And something that we figured works really really well in some cases, for some topics, for some markets; you have to test this for yourself. Include a screenshot of the table of contents of the e-book so that people know specifically what it is that they are going to get when they give you their information.

So if you do all these things correctly your conversion rate will go up substantially. Now what you are generating there is top of funnel leads. You still need to nurture those leads and you need to make them offers in the middle of the funnel and you need to get them to go down through to the bottom of the funnel when they are actually ready to talk to your sales team. And that is a whole other topic and it is something we can help you with.

So if you would like to have a conversation with me or someone from my team about how to do this and how to build the nurturing funnel and how to basically make your blog a predictable lead generation machine there will be information just below this video. Go ahead and get in touch. And if you don’t feel like getting in touch with us we hope that this video has helped you to make your blog a little better. Thanks very much for watching, take care.


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