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7 Common Blogging Mistakes Made by Financial Services Firms

7 common blogging

Are you struggling to attract traffic to your website? Do you have a blog that is filled with industry jargon? Do you look at your own posts and yawn?

If your blog isn’t getting the traction you need, read on to find out the 7 most common financial services blogging mistakes and how you can turn your blog into a client magnet.

Blogging Mistake #1: Overly Complex Blogs

In the financial services industry, a sign of sophistication, intelligence, or academic achievement is often achieved through complexity. In the blogging world, simplicity is king. A sophisticated blogger knows how vital their reader’s time is. They explain complex concepts through simple stories and illustrate abstract ideas through metaphors.

It’s not about dumbing down ideas, but helping readers process the information in less time. If possible, simplify your message; your readers will appreciate it.

Blogging Mistake #2: Self-indulgence

Your readers are not interested in your stories and your life. As both a financial services firm and a blogger, your real duty is to help readers with their financial concerns and hopefully answer some of their questions.

If your personal experiences help this process along, this is fine, especially because these stories add personality and color. However first, ask yourself if the experiences you are sharing can help them, and if your readers can truly get something out of your tales.

Blogging Mistake #3: SEO is Your Goal

Content’s goal is not simply links nor SEO, but to earn the awareness, affection and trust of potential customers. Rand Fishkin –

Optimizing your blog for search engines should take a backseat to your audience’s interests. Why? Writing for the search engines can destroy creativity. Plus, your readers will be bored out of their minds if all you’re doing is writing articles to get ranked on the search engines.

Your readers are interested in financial hints and advice, not keywords meant for search engine robots.

Blogging Mistake #4: Jargon over Plain English

The financial industry is filled with difficult concepts and terms. Don’t fill your blog articles with:

Financial Jargon

Why can’t they speak English?

  • Impressive but verbose language
  • Meaningless gobbledygook that wastes your readers time
  • Financial jargon that forces your reader to halt because they don’t understand the meaning

Delight your readers by replacing complex words with simpler versions. Do them a favor by cutting excess words from sentences. Offer readers value by creating posts written in plain English. The easier blogs are to read, the better it is for everyone.

Blogging Mistake #5: You Don’t Know Your Audience

The quickest way to kill your writing voice is to think about writing for hundreds or thousands of readers. Not selecting a specific audience can make a blog generic because you end up addressing it to no one at all.

Rather than target everyone, select one client you think would read your posts. Consider what keeps that client up at night. Think about what concerns that client has and what would rid them of financial worry. Then, jot down a dozen or so ideas for your blog posts that can help the client.

If you create your next blog post thinking of that one client, it will immediately become more engaging, conversational, and personal.

Blogging Mistake #6: You Are Not Interested in Your Topic

If you don’t care, why should your readers care? Passion is the key to a great blog post. Invigorating readers happens when they can feel your enthusiasm. You lack that, and your readers stop reading.

So only write when you’re enthusiastic. Whether it’s anger or sheer excitement, your post will exhibit those feelings. Getting excited about a topic you’ve become bored with is difficult. Try these ideas to rediscover your passion and excitement:

  • See if you can find other topics that you can relate to yours
  • Learn about fascinating details from another financial services expert
  • Ask a salesperson how they’d sell your particular ideas
  • Understand how you can improve your clients’ lives by talking to them and asking them

You can make a ‘dull’ topic interesting simply by splashing it with enthusiasm.

Blogging Mistake #7: Your Personality Doesn’t Shine

With so many financial service bloggers, you need something to help you stand out. If you provide great tips, but your personality is lacking, your post becomes part of the pack. To allow your personality to shine through, think about these ideas:

  • Bond with your readers by offering a glimpse of who you really are
  • Entertain readers with your unique sense of humor
  • Take what the majority of people think is right, then present arguments suggesting an opposite approach
  • Offer a fresh perspective on topics based on your personal experience

Your unique voice and unique personality are what gets readers coming back. Financial services blogging can be a tricky field if you don’t know what readers want. For more information on how to engage your clients, download 8 Ways to Leverage New Online Marketing to Attract Customers. What has your experience with blogging been like? What kinds of blog posts do you read?

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