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5 Creative Ways to Get More Website Traffic

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Do you have a website but no real visibility online? Is the traffic to your website minimal to nonexistent? Do you struggle to find ways to increase that traffic without much success?

Fortunately, you can exponentially increase traffic to your website, by carefully cultivating a content marketing plan and then putting it into action.

What is Content Marketing and How Does It Affect Traffic?

Today, you don’t establish an online presence by “buying” leads or traffic, by paying for backlinks, or by swapping them like the old days.

Instead, to achieve success, you need to focus on creating content that will help your target customer to solve real problems. The content that you produce should be relevant, specific, and actionable.

If you get this right, your audience will engage with you, see you as an expert, and share your content on their social networks – and when they do, your traffic and leads will steadily increase.

Five Creative Ways That Will Get More Traffic to Your Website

1. Blog – And Mention Other Bloggers That You Follow in Your Posts Whenever You Can

Your blog is your main venue of communication with your readers — readers you hope will become prospects and then customers.

While your main intent at all times is of course to grow your business, don’t focus on “selling” your products or services when you blog. Just focus on providing good information on a regular basis that readers will find interesting and informative, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Just as importantly, do your fellow bloggers the courtesy of mentioning them in your posts when you find something of value in what they’ve had to say. Make your honorable mentions look good, and then follow up by tweeting them to tell them the good news. They’ll appreciate it – and they just might return the favor, too; yet another way to get even more visibility and more traffic to your website.

For more tips and methods to grow your blog, check out our previous post on blogging.

2. Share Your Blog Posts on All of Your Social Networks

Fire away, and don’t be shy. Tweet and post on Facebook and all of the other social networks you frequent – and make sure you keep those “share” buttons plainly visible on your posts so that your readers can pass on what they’ve learned to others with a simple click.

3. Share Appropriate Posts in Your LinkedIn Groups, Too

LinkedIn tends to be more business-focused than other social media sites, so take a little bit more care as to the posts you share in your groups there; if they fit, however, pass them on. It’s a boon to your business because it gets you a nod from your professional community in a very visible way, one that will get more traffic to your website.

4. Syndicate Your Blog Posts

  • Syndicate with an RSS feed

Using an RSS feed makes it very simple for your readers to keep track of your blog without having to bookmark it. All they have to do is open their RSS reader and your headlines will be right there for them to click on.

  • Syndicate to applicable high-traffic sites

Syndicating to high-traffic sites is an easy way to gain visibility. The more visible you are, the more your potential customers will see and trust you you as an “expert in your field.” Once that’s established, you’ve got credibility, and once you’ve got credibility, you’ve got a ready audience of readers that are primed to become customers.

5. Get Your Readers Involved

Unlike articles, blog posts provide the perfect environment for some give-and-take from your readers. Get them involved! Don’t just hope they’ll comment on something you’ve written, ask them to comment on what you’ve written, and invite them to share your posts.

Keep the conversation going by picking up readers’ questions or comments  and using them to create new blog posts that specifically address reader concerns. This is a great way to get more traffic to your website, because your readers will proudly pass those posts along. Who doesn’t appreciate being heard and having his or her concerns addressed directly? It’ll make you look good, too. This is yet another chance to demonstrate yourself as the trusted expert in your niche, and again a boon to your business.

So in the spirit of a good content strategy, please tell us how our site is helpful and things you’d like to see in the comments below.

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