3 Ways Content Marketing Can Help a Mortgage Company Attract More Clients

Is your sales team struggling to generate leads?  Have you heard of this thing called ‘content marketing’ but aren’t yet sure if it will work for you?

If you answered “Yes” to either question today’s post is for you.

Make a Pitch Without Selling

Businessweek calls educational-based marketing casting a wider net. It is the opposite of marketing models that push for a sale.

  • “Buy from us, we are the best.”
  • “We offer the best rates in three states.”
  • “You should list your home with us.”

Educational-based marketing turns the tables by making the pitch more about the reader than the business.

  • “We will teach you the five biggest mistakes people make when refinancing their homes.”
  • “Even if you don’t finance with us, let us show you what to look for in a mortgage company.”

These messages build trust by teaching the client something new without trying to force a sale. Traditional marketing techniques are self-serving. Educational-based models are just that – educational. You provide facts and expert information that helps prospects understand the process and make sound decisions.

Provide Prospects With Valuable Information

To provide valuable information, you must first determine what your potential customer wants to know. What are the questions people ask when looking to buy a home or refinance?

Whenever you are with a client and they ask you questions, even though you’ll know the answer right away and can give them a response, take 5 seconds and write down that questions. Use these questions as the titles to your blog posts and start writing. ~Travis Balinas, OutboundEngine.com

The goal of the marketer is to attract qualified leads early in the game. To do this, you must think as your potential clients do and build educational messages based on their needs.

  • “What credit score do I need to get the best rate?”
  • “Can I take out a mortgage that is greater than the price of the house?”
  • “What is the least amount I can put down for a deposit?”

Focus the questions based on your target audience. For instance, companies that service customers with bad credit would consider questions like:

  • “Can I get a mortgage with a past short sale or foreclosure against my credit?”
  • “How much of a deposit do I need with a low credit score?”

Once you get a series of questions together, organize your educational messages around them.

  • “6 Ways to get a Mortgage when You have a Low Credit Score”
  • “No Deposit? No Problem – 7 Ways to get a Mortgage with No Money Down”

    Education Based Marketing Attracts Clients

    Educate and Share…Don’t Sell

By answering questions, loan seekers might not even know they have, a mortgage company establishes their expertise and builds an atmosphere of trust. Keep the educational method relevant to the current market and rewarding for potential customers.

Generate Referral Partners For More Leads

It is important not to lose sight of the purpose of content marketing – to gain access to qualified customers. Packaging content in the mortgage industry is a little different from what works for a plumber.People look for plumbers all the time. If a customer doesn’t use the plumber this time around, there is another opportunity to wow them right around the corner.

Mortgage companies must be more practical about content marketing. A chance to win a customer’s trust comes just one or twice. Once you have an educational message together, package it in a way that gets their contact data. Ebooks, white papers, podcasts, email newsletters – these are all tools marketers use to start conversations with prospects.

  • “Sign up for a free webinar about improving your credit”
  • “Fill out this form to download a free guide for the first time home buyer”

Like most industries, financing works with partners that help generate leads, too. A mortgage company may network with a number of real estate agents, for example. Providing educational resources that generate contact information makes you a valuable resource for potential partners. Referral partners are looking to build relationships with companies that bring something to the table, such as informative content and workable leads.

Create Credibility and Visibility For Your Mortgage Company

Reputation is everything in the business world. Making your company a source of information helps establish its reputation. Clients will appreciate the educational structure you offer, and you can use that to get more leads.

  • Customer referrals
  • Testimonials
  • Social media “Likes” and “Shares”

Content marketing allows you to create a buzz that adds credibility to your business.

In the mortgage industry, customers are not buying a service, but a relationship. When a person has a positive relationship, they love to talk about it.

Create educational-based content, find ways to share it and use the leads to develop your business further. Those are the keystones that make content marketing the right vehicle for the mortgage industry. If you want to learn how to get started with educational based content marketing download our checklist below.

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