Video Conversion: Video Moves Business [Infographic]

The image below perfectly illustrates why any business not using video is leaving something on the table. Something big. Granted, most of our video goodness happens after people become subscribers, but it does happen before they become customers. In the blog post prior to this one, you’ll see me on video. To see some additional ninja video in action, check out my YouTube channels:

Ready to learn how video increases conversion?  Let’s start with understanding why video is such a big deal. When you connect with your clients using video (or through a podcast), it’s a much more personal connection. So it would make sense that you’d see increased conversions.. but just how much is pretty impressive!

Stats You Should Tweet

Check out these 2014 stats: website conversion increases from 2.9% to 4.8% when you use video.

That’s an increase of 165%!

conversion infographic Thanks to Steve at BrightCove for the graphic!

Hey, thanks for the info. Now what?

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