Secrets to landing big clients

Five Successful Secrets to Landing Big Name Clients

Secrets to landing big clients

What are some agencies doing differently to grab big name clients? How can you improve your chances to start working with the Fortune 500? Not only does it pay better but counter intuitively it’s usually easier and a lot less fuss to work with larger “big brand clients.”

There are lots of reasons for this. Everyone is afraid of going after the big brands because they seem intimidating. Because of this they are contacted by less salespeople looking for a quick sale. This is where you can swoop in, add real value, and get their business.

This is an article that is based on an interview with Bill Carmody from You can listen to it here.

The Foundation to Landing Big Clients: Add Value First

Our co-founder, Trent Dyrsmid, started the interview focused on how Bill was able to win contracts with big brand clients. What allowed Bill to get in the door with these big brands? Was Bill’s success from experience and time in the industry and a big Rolodex of contacts or was it from a systematic approach to prospecting and lead generation?

Where I think that I have been most successful in my career is adding value first which means rather than focusing on what I need or what my business needs I am looking at my clients and saying: “How can I help them?” You are giving value in exchange for the opportunity to work together in the future. – Bill Carmody

When you come from the basis of being helpful from the get-go you are setting yourself up for a win. You are adding a brick to your prospect’s business so to speak that strengthens your position and the chance of getting business almost exponentially. This is the heart and spirit of entrepreneurship that cannot be highlighted enough.

How do you find out if there is some way that you can be of service? You ask of course. Question your prospects about the challenges they are experiencing. You should be in interview mode when talking to your prospects. You should be asking questions to align what you’re selling and what they’re buying and see if you can find a common ground. You shouldn’t be talking about your company’s features or statistics.

Step 2: Be Creative

Land big brand clients by sending fun mailSurprise and delight your prospects. People are bored with mass marketing. People are bored overall. And some of them run big brand companies. Sending a cheesy 3D mail item to your prospect is a great way to add some excitement to their day. If you personalize this you stand out even more from the masses. People are hungry for recognition and excitement. You give them recognition by personalizing your sales message and excitement by mailing them something entertaining.

Bill sent out some volleyballs to his clients with the message: “Let’s get the ball rolling.” Sure, this is cheesy but his prospects loved it and judging by the growth of his company it is working.

The more visual you make your content the more effective it becomes. Send your big brand prospects to personalized visual pieces of content. Create 3D slideshows. Make a custom screen recording where you solve a problem for them.  The amazing things you can do is not based on some kind of a formula but on taking some initiative and focusing on the surprise and delight factor.

Step 3: Be Confident and Authentic

To work with big brand clients, you need to exhibit true confidence. True confidence makes people come across as attractive and trustworthy.

You see a lot of people that are trying to fake confidence. True confidence is impossible to fake because it is based on faith in yourself. Faking something is based on the opposite of faith in yourself. So how do you get confidence if you can’t “fake it till you make it?” You take massive action in a dignified way despite your fears. Confidence is something that comes naturally after intense action levels.

It’s like muscle memory. You do something first and then after you did it you get the courage to do it. It works in reverse.  When you act despite the possibility of failure you start building confidence because you are no longer outcome dependant. Outcome dependence makes us awkward and anxious.

Many salespeople try to act cool and invulnerable while they are desperately clinging to an expected outcome. That stinks. It is unauthentic. Admit your nervousness, admit your awkwardness, admit your faults. People can start liking you regardless. Everyone is looking for authenticity. When you combine that with consistent action you are setting yourself up for the win.

Step 4: If You Don’t Have a Unique Selling Proposition yet, Niche Down

Why would a big brand prospect choose you over a competitor? The lowest price doesn’t always win. Being cheaper than your competitors might even hurt your chances when you sell to big brands.

Do you have some unique service or something that makes working with you special? If you don’t you can make your company as niche specific as the market allows. Now you are an exclusive service provider to whatever market or industry your prospect is in. That can be your unique selling proposition when selling to a big brand.

Step 5: Meet in Person or in Video Conference

Ideally you want to drive or fly to meet your prospect in person after the negotiation has started. If that isn’t possible, try to meet with them via video conferencing. When they can see your face it builds trust. They can see that you’re authentic.

Just trying to sell over the phone or email is going to have a negative effect on your close rate. It is possible but meeting in person and via video works so much better and it is easier for high ticket items and when you are trying to convince a big company to become a client. Your competitors are definitely going to be pushing for a meeting. So should you.


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