Download Our Checklist: Content Marketing & Blog Post Checklist

Content Marketing and Blog Post ChecklistWhen it comes to content marketing and blogging we find that those people who are struggling fall in one of three camps. Which applies to you?

  1. Have you been trying to do content marketing but have failed to make progress because you lack a clear process or never seem to have the time?
  2. Have you already tried content marketing and blogging but find that your current efforts aren’t generating leads?
  3. Have you wanted to get started with content marketing but haven’t because you:
    • Don’t think you can afford it.
    • Are spending all of your time, energy and budget on the same old marketing approaches you’ve been using for years.
    • Don’t know who will write the content or manage the effort.
    • Don’t know what to write about!

We’ve developed a checklist for companies that are trying to start content marketing or improve what they have now. When you follow the steps in the checklists you will learn how to manage your content marketing effort, and generate at least one post per week, in as little as 3 hours/week. Over time, a well-written blogging effort will increase traffic and leads and build your authority in your niche.

Get this free checklist now and learn how to create a content marketing machine that spits out blog posts in 3 hours each.

Here‘s a Sneak Peek Into What You’ll Get When You Download this checklist

Content Marketing Checklist

  • Initial Setup Steps
  • Finding Content
  • Scheduling Content
  • Tracking Performance

Blog Post Checklist

  • Creating an Outline
  • Writing the Post
  • Editing and Publishing the Post
  • Post Promotion

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