March 2015 Traffic Report

March 2015 Traffic Report

how to generate traffic from content marketing

Content marketing is a significant investment time and money. To make sure it works for you, you need to start out with a solid plan, and once you’re executing that plan, you’ll want to stop and look at results on a regular basis. (To see February’s report, click here.)

As a content marketing agency, keeping a close eye on traffic and leads is a part of the service we offer our clients. March marks the one year anniversary of our blogging efforts under the Groove label. As such, this is the final installment in our monthly traffic reporting. If you’ve been keeping an eye on our traffic reports during this time, we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our numbers grow as much as we have.

We hit record numbers for traffic this month, with over half our traffic from organic – we understand how to create content with SEO in mind. Read on for full details.


Our traffic had risen fairly steadily since we regularly started blogging on Groove, and decreased only last fall when we slowed down the rate of our blogging.

However, our blog has now been around long enough that we are seeing significant organic traffic without having to publish virtually every weekday. (In November 2014, we published 23 posts, whereas in March 2015, we published 13.)

The message here is obvious: if you want a lot of eyeballs on your blog, maintain an aggressive posting schedule – especially until the search engines start to give you love!

Here’s a look at our monthly traffic:

how Groove generated traffic from content marketing

In addition to the volume of traffic, you’ll also want to look at the sources of that traffic because some sources will produce much higher quality leads than others. Below is a breakdown of the sources of our traffic through March.


We see that our visitors are coming from a good variety of sources, which indicates that we’re doing a good job of promoting our content.

Of particular note is that a significant amount of our traffic (over 50% in March!) has come from organic search – not bad for a blog that’s just hit its one year anniversary!

We also get a high number of leads from organic traffic, and in March we once again hit a new record for number of organic leads:

how to generate organic traffic from content marketing

We attribute these high numbers to our well-planned and executed SEO strategy.

Conversions (Leads)

To get truly useful data, you want to know not just your traffic numbers, but how many conversions you’re getting.

In other words, how many of those visitors are you converting to subscribers? Or, if you have online product sales, to customers? In our case, we measure conversions in terms of subscribers.

Our leads have been fairly proportionate to our traffic. June was an exception since we ran a webinar which created more leads than usual. In March we generated fewer leads than the previous couple of months, when we had aggressive email and other lead generation campaigns running.

Here are how our leads stacked up:


When assessing leads, the source of our leads is something that we pay close attention to. As you might guess, organic leads are desirable because these folks are actually LOOKING for what we wrote about.


Our organic leads actually convert at lower rates than leads from most other sources. However, most of our customers who aren’t referrals tend to come from people who originally found us from organic search. This makes sense – when you search for something online, you often assume that the top results are from authorities in their space.

Summary and Insights

Here are the highlights from March:

  • We hit new record numbers for traffic – over 12,000 visits!
  • We hit new record numbers for organic traffic – over 6,000 visits!
  • Over half of our traffic was from organic!
  • Our visitors are coming from a balanced portfolio of traffic sources and are converting from a balanced mix of sources as well.
  • More content = more traffic = more leads = more revenue.

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