marketing and sales teams working together

How to Solve the Disconnect Between Marketing and Sales for B2B Companies

marketing and sales teams working together

The sales team is from Mars and the marketing team from Venus or so it seems sometimes. These two groups usually struggle to work well together. Why is this? The disconnect between the marketing department and the sales department is usually because of a communication gap that can be fixed with clear communication systems.

The marketing team focuses on getting leads. The sales team then has to establish contact and ideally get a sale. But not all leads are equally valuable and this is where lead quality control needs to be established. Today we are going to look at how the marketing team can make the sales team’s job so much easier by focusing on attracting someone that is likely to buy. In the process, everybody’s job will become easier because it will improve the overall health of the company.

Want to Get Your Marketing and Sales Teams Working Together? It Starts with Communication

Somewhere the duties of marketing and sales need to overlap and they need to start talking on a consistent basis. These two need to embrace each other as the absolute perfect couple. Together they can make up the powerful engine that drives the business. Or because of failure to experiment and communicate they can continue in dysfunction and frustration.

By communicating effectively, productivity will increase and so will their ease in working with each other. That’s good news for each department and for your company’s bottom line. – Kayla Matthews,

Where does marketing stop and sales begin? Every company is going to have a different answer because there are a lot of factors at play. Sometimes the marketing team is shorthanded and the sales team overstaffed or vice-versa. One team might have to take up more tasks while another team might have to start focusing on other things.

Marketing Should Attract the Right Type of Lead and Fend off the Wrong Type

When the content the marketing team creates starts attracting the ideal customer for the sales team to close, you are in business heaven. The sales team are the field operatives of your business. They have practical and intimate knowledge of the most important person in the company, the customer. When that knowledge can be transferred to the marketing team you can create virtually flawless content that speaks to the right people. But what usually happens is marketing tries the “shotgun in the dark” approach.

Your content shouldn’t be attracting everyone. It should actually be designed to disqualify some people so you can have quality leads over quantity. Your marketing team should be aware of exactly who this “ideal customer” is. Which type of lead do you want to attract on a consistent basis and which type usually turn out as time-wasters? Your sales team can answer that.

Here are two practical tips for the marketing team that can help them to disqualify some leads right off the bat:

1. Add More Fields to Your Optin Forms

When you add more fields to the optin forms that guard your white papers your optin numbers will go down but your quality in leads will go up. For example, if you add number of employees as a field in the optin form you can automatically qualify or disqualify some leads. The sales team now has a better idea of who they will be calling up or emailing.

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2. Change the Titles of Your Articles or Ads to Attract a Smaller Audience

The title of this post could have been called Solving The Disconnect Between Marketing and Sales but we added the “for B2B Companies.” B2C is disqualified. Your traffic to your site will become more targeted and the result is better quality leads.

When you speak to a specific persona your voice becomes stronger. Your message becomes clearer. Marketers that are running smaller type boutique agencies want to be loved by a smaller group of customers rather than be tolerated by the masses. No-one that just tolerates you is going to trust you with big money.

Marketing and Sales Must Work Together

marketing and sales teamsWhen the marketing and sales team start working together to attract ideal customers instead of just trying to please everybody you can count on closing a lot more deals with a lot less frustration.

A decision maker needs to arrange frequent correspondence between the two teams. If you are not that decision maker talk to someone in your company about this. If you want more information on how to create great content that attracts the right leads or if you still need to find out who your ideal customer is we have a whole library of resources that you can get to at our resources page for free.

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