6 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Capture More Leads

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Have you adjusted your lead generation strategies to account for how often people are now using mobile devices to access your site? Are you aware that mobile web browsing directly competes with desktop browsing?

If you answered ‘No’ to these questions, this post if for you.

More people are accessing the Internet via mobile devices every day. However, traditional methods of lead generation don’t account for the way that people behave on mobile devices. Read on to discover 6 ways you can modify your current lead generation content to capture more leads from mobile.

1) Use Progressive Profiling Forms

The act of filling out forms on a mobile device is often difficult due to the small screens and touchpad interfaces. What causes the most frustration?

  • Too many fields
  • Small field size that makes them difficult to select

You know you need forms in order to gather leads, so how do you collect information on mobile forms without frustrating them? Employ progressive profiling forms as an alternative.

Progressive profiling forms allow you to fill out fields automatically with information the user provided during their last visit. This reduces the number of fields you need to display during each visit and limits the amount of information that you’re collecting at any one time. Fewer fields lead to higher mobile conversions.

2) Make Your Call to Action Simple

When you create a call to action (CTA), you now need to think about what it will look like on many different types of devices. Your CTA should:

  • Have text that is clear and action oriented
  • Include images that are optimized to display well on small screens
  • Be easy to click on

Here is an example of a good vs. bad mobile CTA courtesy of Econsultancy.

mobile call action example

3) Offer Customer Loyalty Programs

A great way to engage with your mobile audience is to begin customer loyalty programs that offer various types of coupons, discounts and other promotions that are received and redeemed via mobile devices.

Thanks to the location-based hardware inside most mobile devices, you can even offer promotions that are tied to the physical location of your store. For example, whenever a customer comes into your store, a coupon or discount code could appear.

You can gather even more customer loyalty by offering immediate discounts when customers use their mobile phones to become Facebook fans or join your SMS text club.

Recent findings from LevelUp reveal that businesses with loyalty programs experience lift in spend, increased visitation frequency, and a positive return on investment:

  • When a customer is about to unlock their loyalty reward, they spend 39% more on average.
  • When customers redeem their loyalty reward, they spend 19% more on average.
  • On average, visitation frequency increases by 75% between a customer’s first reward and their tenth reward.

4) Optimize Content for Small Screens

One of the most important tenants of mobile lead generation is optimizing all content for small mobile screens. Gone are the days where people wait until they get home from work or school to view Internet content on a desktop or laptop computer. People are accessing the Internet (and by association, your content) a few minutes at a time all day long on their mobile devices.

What are the keys to optimizing your content for mobile?

  • Keep your content concise
  • Break up your content with headlines, bullets, and small paragraphs
  • Put important content near the beginning of your articles

The time to start your mobile marketing was yesterday. By the end of 2013, your marketing may look antiquated if you haven’t adopted marketing that appeals to smartphone and tablet users. Consider responsive design, monitor how people access your site to assess whether building an application is a good idea and build more visual and shorter content. @Vocus

5) Setup Clickable Phone Numbers

When smartphone users search for a website, they are ready to take action. Do you want your visitors to be able to easily call you when they land on your site? Then make your website phone numbers clickable!

Clickable phone numbers allow users to easily call a number without copying and pasting or memorizing the number. With clickable phone numbers, smart phones are able to automatically launch the “Phone” app so visitors can call you with the push of one button on your mobile site.  The easier it is to use your phone number, the more likely a customer is to call.

6) Start a Simple Text Campaign

Do you want a way to nurture your leads inexpensively? Do you know that text messages have an extremely high read rate compared to most marketing mediums?

Most mobile devices support SMS text messages in some way. As a result, text message campaigns are a great way to grow your mobile lead generation where traditional methods like email or apps may have stalled.

Tatango shared a case study for retailer Kiehl’s:

Kiehl’s used in-store signage, email marketing and social media to promote the use of their SMS Campaign, which they dubbed Kiehl’s Alerts. The cosmetic company had two opt-in methods, one being signing up online, which you can see below, and the second being texting the SMS keyword “KIEHLS” to the SMS short code 25787.

After signing up online or texting “KIEHLS” to 25787, customers were asked to agree to share their location with Kiehl’s so that cosmetic company could send up to three location based text alerts a month, generally when a customer was within a certain radius of one of Kiehls’ 45 test stores.

After the six month pilot program, Kiehl’s found that 73% of their customers that had signed up for their SMS marketing campaign had made a purchase, and 81% of respondents to a survey sent out after the pilot program recalled receiving SMS marketing messages from Kiehl’s. That means out of the customers that recalled receiving SMS marketing messages from Kiehl’s, 90% of them made a purchase in-store during that six month pilot program.

kiels sms campaign
Want to capture more leads with mobile marketing? The time is now to modify your marketing strategy to suit mobile users.

If you are looking for more ways to generate leads, check out The 30 Greatest Lead Gen Tips, Tricks & Ideas.

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