October 2014 Traffic Report


Content marketing is a significant investment time and money. To make sure it works for you, you need to start out with a solid plan, and once you’re executing that plan, you’ll want to stop and look at results on a regular basis.

As a content marketing agency, keeping a close eye on traffic and leads is a part of the service we offer our clients.

We also want to look at our own traffic and leads. Read on to see how we’re doing.
(To see September’s report, click here.)


Our traffic has risen fairly steadily since we started blogging regularly on Groove. Here’s a look at our monthly traffic:


All time visitors by the month

As important as traffic, are the sources of that traffic because some sources will produce much higher quality leads than others. Below is a breakdown of the sources of our traffic in October.


All time visitor numbers

Our overall traffic was down in October. When I notice the decline, I investigated and found that we had actually published quite a bit less content in October than September.

In September, we produced 18 text posts plus 5 podcasts; in October, 14 text posts and 1 podcast (because of a strategic shift with BrightIdeas, we stopped producing podcasts in October under the Groove Digital Marketing brand; Bright Ideas podcasts continue.)

In September we received a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon when a couple of posts went viral for a short period of time. We received 2,332 fewer visits from StumbleUpon in October (954 visits) than in September (3,286 visits). If we remove all StumbleUpon traffic from the equation, our traffic is down by a much smaller amount: from 8,397 to 8,052.

StumbleUpon traffic

StumbleUpon traffic

When we analyze traffic sources for the month, we see that our visitors are coming from a good variety of sources, which indicates that we’re doing a good job carrying out our inbound marketing strategies.

Of particular note is that overall, 30% of our traffic is from organic sources (35% in October) – not bad for a blog that’s still less than a year old! We attribute this to our well-planned and executed SEO strategy.


Conversions (Leads)

To get truly useful data, you want to know not just what traffic you have, but how many conversions you’re getting.

In other words, how many of those visitors are you converting to subscribers? Or, if you have online product sales, to customers? In our case, we measure conversions in terms of subscribers. In HubSpot, new subscribers are listed as “contacts”.

Our leads have also risen steadily since we began blogging (June was an exception since we ran a webinar which created more leads than usual).


All time contacts by the month

When assessing leads, the source of our leads is something that we pay close attention to. As you might guess, organic leads are the most desirable because these folks are actually LOOKING for what we wrote about.


All time contacts numbers

As with organic traffic, leads from organic search have also steadily increased.


Summary and Insights

Here are the highlights from October:

  • We had fewer visitors than in September, but not signifcantly fewer when StumbleUpon (where a couple of posts went viral in Sept) is removed from the picture.
  • Our visitors are coming from a balanced portfolio of traffic sources, and are converting from a balanced mix of sources as well.
  • 35% of our traffic is from organic sources.
  • This is all possible because we publish and promote a lot of content.
  • More content = more traffic = more leads = more revenue.

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