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How to Build an Online Sales Funnel to Nurture Your Leads

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What to Expect in a Partnership with Groove Digital Marketing


Hi there, my name is Trent and I am the founder of Groove Digital Marketing and welcome back to another one of my videos in a series where I am teaching you how to embrace inbound marketing in your organisation.

Now in my last video I talked about a lot of the mistakes that I see on blogs, time after time after time again.
And the mistakes that these companies are making are absolutely killing their conversion rates. If you would like to see that video right below this one there will be a link to it.

Now in this video I want to talk about how to build an online sales funnel. So if you think about this; when you capture a lead to begin with they are not ready yet to make a purchase. It is kind of like a first date. You don’t ask someone to marry on the first date because they are going to run away in the opposite direction thinking that you are an absolute psycho.

Marketing is not entirely dissimilar, so what I want to explain to you in this video is we are going to touch upon how you actually build this funnel; how the Buyer’s Journey and content interact and where automation comes into play.

So the very first thing, let’s talk about the Buyer’s Journey. When people have a problem they are in what we call the awareness stage. They are only aware of the fact that they have a problem that they want to solve. They don’t care about you; they don’t care about your company or your products and services. They are only interested in finding information that will help them to solve this problem.

So how can you give them this information? Well in your content assets over here most commonly this is done with blogposts. So blogpost have a goal and that goal is to answer questions as well as to give people the opportunity, as I explained in my last video to go and click that little call to action button at the very end once they are done reading the blogposts so they can get access to some tofu which stands for top of funnel premium content; which is typically an e-book which we will go more into detail on in the topic the blogpost was written about.

So now when that happens your buyer is going to move down your funnel a little bit and they are going to be in the phase where you are trying to establish trust and thought leadership. And if you do a good job of that of course you are going to generate a new lead. This is a top of funnel lead; they are not necessarily ready to talk to your sales team yet.

So the other thing that your premium content will help you to do is to introduce your firm’s positioning. In other words, who are you? Where is your place in the market? Who do you specialise in working with. What are the problems that you have expertise at solving?

You do not want to sell it to hard but you can allude to some of that stuff in that particular piece of premium content as well as to give them another call to action to download some middle of funnel content of which we will talk about in just a minute.

You will see that this is the automated sales process. Where automation comes into play here is once you capture a new lead you want to start sending out emails with additional supporting content. And the goal of those pieces of content is to address common questions that people would have at this point in the Buyer’s Journey.

And you also want to make them another offer which is typically on another landing page to go and download another piece of premium content that would be relevant for those portion of the people that you have captured in the awareness stage who now are moving down into the consideration stage. So what is the consideration stage? Well that is whenthey are actually becoming interested in you, your company, your products and your services.

They are considering whether or not you are a potential source to provide a solution to the problems that they had when they were in the awareness stage. So here you are going to be able to make what I call a brand filter offer. So in our case we have this e-book called What to Expect in a Partnership with Groove Digital Marketing. I know that when people download that, they are considering potentially working with us.

So in that e-book we are going to be providing product and services information. We are also going to address common objections and we are going to do that with more automation. So talk to your sales team and find out what are the most common objections that people are getting early in that sales conversation and then create content that answers those questions.

And then use a series of automated follow up emails to deliver those pieces of content that will help to address those objections.

And what will happen again is some of the people who are in the consideration phase will go quiet. They won’t move to the next phase but some of them will. To some of them you can then make a sales offer in these emails that you are sending out following up that middle of funnel offer download. You can then make what we call a sales offer. So your sales offer might be a complimentary analysis or a trial or what have you.

So you are going to make that sales offer and they are in the decision stage in when they do that the lead is ready for your sales department. So that is how you build an online marketing funnel. Of course if you have any questions please get in touch with us. There will be information below this video. Thanks very much for watching.

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