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Problems We Solve

Liz Dyrsmid

“Our clients come to us when, despite spending 5 to 6 figures a year on marketing & sales, they aren’t getting the volume of sales leads and new customers they need to hit their numbers. They tell us that they can’t afford to keep spending at this level without being able to directly connect activities to results achieved.

For a variety of reasons, we find that we can have a dramatic impact on less than half of the companies we meet with. But if addressing this issue is a priority for your company, we’d be happy to speak with you to learn enough about your situation to see if we can help.”

Liz DyrsmidCEO

Some Common Problems We Solve

  • No Website Traffic

    “Our website sucks. It’s not getting any traffic and it doesn’t capture any leads for our sales team.”

  • Blogging Isn’t Working

    “All this effort we are putting into blogging just isn’t making any difference.”

  • Prospecting Isn’t Working

    “Our sales reps are having an extremely difficult time getting the attention of new prospects. What used to work, no longer does.”

  • We Have No Brand Awareness

    “We are new to the market and we have almost no brand awareness, so our message is falling on deaf ears.”

  • PPC Advertising Isn’t Working

    “We are spending a ton of money on PPC advertising and it doesn’t appear to be doing any good.”

  • Cost to Acquire a Customer is Too High

    “Our cost to acquire a new customer is far too high.”

  • Sales Tactics Aren’t Working

    “The things that used to work for prospecting and selling are no longer working like they used to and our growth rate has decreased significantly.”

  • Ineffective Sales Process

    “Our Account Executives are spending too much time prospecting for new business, instead of talking to qualified leads.”

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