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Our Inbound Marketing Process

Groove’s Process for Creating Your Inbound Sales and Marketing Engine

Build the engine, add fuel, see results.

Connect Call
Exploratory Call
Game Plan Presentation
Build the Engine
Add Fuel to the Engine

Before you consider working with Groove to help you grow your business with inbound marketing, we need to first create a game plan. We call this an Inbound Marketing Game Plan and it will show you how your company’s sales process can be modeled online using content. Within this plan, we’ll define how we’ll help you to use genuinely helpful information to attract your ideal buyer.

Following the development of your Inbound Marketing Game Plan, Groove’s team of experts will help you to execute all the steps required to achieve success.

Start with a quick call with Groove’s Director of Client Services

  • Step1: Connect Call

    The purpose of this 30 minute call is to determine if there is a fit between our two organizations. To do this, we are going to ask you about the issues you are facing, the impact they are having on your business, and how important they are to solve.

    If we both decide that inbound marketing can help you to achieve your goals, our next step will be a one hour exploratory call.

  • Step 2: Exploratory Call

    The goal of the exploratory call is to dive even deeper into understanding the problems you are trying to solve so that we can gain comfort around whether or not the results we believe we can achieve will meet your expectations.

    To do this, we are going to ask you about your financial metrics, your selling process, current marketing activities, and key performance indicators. At the end of this call, if we both decide that the conversation should continue, the next step will be to schedule a call where we will present you with an inbound marketing strategy presentation.

  • Step 3: Strategy Presentation

    Now that we have invested the time needed to determine if there is indeed a fit between our two firms, (and we believe that we can deliver results that will meet your expectations) we will share with you the details of a sales & marketing strategy that we have custom developed for you.

    During this call, we’ll review all the details of deliverables, timelines, and pricing. If, at the end of this call we both decide to proceed, we’ll send over and agreement for you to approve.

Step 4: The Onboarding Project (Creating the Inbound Marketing Engine)

If you don’t have a systematic way to capture leads from your website, and then nurture them towards the point of purchase, all of your other investments in marketing will not provide near the ROI that they otherwise could. Over the first 4-6 weeks, Groove’s first task with each new client is to build your company’s inbound marketing engine, using the Inbound Marketing Game Plan as our guide. Once the engine is complete, we can begin adding fuel (regularly publish new content) that will attract the traffic to make your engine roar! During this first phase, Groove’s implementation activities will include:

Content Strategy

Groove’s content manager will work with your team to create detailed outlines of all content assets that will be required to fuel the engine. This starts with creating a map of your customer’s evaluation journey. Armed with this data, we will then create your Inbound Marketing Game Plan, which includes our suggestions the blog post titles Needed (We will also help you to develop an outline for each post)

Premium Content

Groove’s content manager will work with your team to create detailed outlines of all white papers, ebook, and case studies that will be required to capture leads and then engage them further at each stage of the nurturing process – from awareness, to consideration, to decision.

Automated Workflows

Your inbound marketing manager will design and create a set of automated email (workflows) that will segment and nurture the buyer through these different pieces of content, with the goal of moving them close to a conversation with your sales team.

Marketing Automation

Your inbound marketing manager will set up your marketing automation software to automate your online sales process. This includes lead scoring and the CRM integration required by your sales team.

Website Optimization

Groove’s design team will complete a website optimization project that will ensure optimization of existing pages, and, if needed, a complete site redesign.

Project Management

Your dedicated account manager will handle all project management, weekly team meetings, and monthly performance reports.

Step 5: The Monthly Retainer (Creating the content to fuel the inbound marketing engine)

Commitment: 6 Months+

After your engine is built, Groove will work with your subject matter experts to add fuel to the engine (content production & distribution) to attract your target buyers. During this time, you can expect to see a steady increase in website traffic and leads generated. During this phase, your account manager will carefully review your results each week. The data collected by Groove during this time period will be used to make regular improvements to the engine, the content being used to attract buyers, and the distribution methods used to promote this content. Once Groove has gathered 90 days of “closed-loop-analytics” (to understand which activities contribute most to sales), strategic investments can be made to scale results without wasting money on activities that produce low quality leads.

Groove’s ongoing activity during this retainer-based partnership will include:

  • Blogging: at least 6 posts per month to attract buyers
  • Weekly account review meetings
  • Monthly performance reports revealing lead quality and trends
  • Social media management
  • Website maintenance and support
  • Education and training for your internal marketing & sales teams
  • Relationship building with industry influencers

We Can Help You Create an Inbound Marketing Game Plan

01MarketingGamePlanCover500pxNowadays people are looking online for the product or service your business offers. They are doing their research, choosing between brands, and addressing common objections before they are ready to even think about engaging in your sales process.

If you are not making it easy for your prospective clients or customers to do these things on your website, you are missing out on valuable opportunities.

The Inbound Marketing Game Plan (IMGP) is a company-specific plan designed, built, and tested from the best practices in inbound marketing. Each and every IMGP defines two critical elements for successfully attracting prospects and nurturing them to a point of sales engagement for a business or organization:

  1. A Completely Automated, Online Sales Process
  2. Content Marketing

The relationship between these two elements can be thought of as an engine and the fuel that makes it run. The automated sales process is the engine and content is the fuel – producing sales qualified leads.

Both the engine and the fuel are essential to success and the qualities of each are unique to a particular business or organization. That is to say – every IMGP is custom and purpose-built.