How to Make More Sales by Talking to Fewer People

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Leading with value is what the concept of content marketing is built on. If you are struggling to sell, the problem might be in how you are structuring the offers you are laying in front of your prospects. In this article, we are going to discuss some simple strategies you can utilize to dramatically increase your close ratio.

Many well-meaning frustrated business people think just because they have a great product people should be standing in line outside their door shouting, “Shut up and take my money.” They forget one crucial aspect. Trust.

People don’t trust you and don’t think that you have their best interests at heart. Trust has to be won. How do you win trust?

You earn trust by crafting better offers. A better way to put it is you have to craft offers that your prospects can’t refuse.

Trent Dyrsmid, the host of the Bright Ideas Podcast, talks about trust in business using a dating analogy. You don’t ask someone you have a romantic interest in and just met to marry you immediately.

  1. You go on a coffee date first.
  2. You bring her flowers.
  3. Then you go for a movie together.

The relationship is escalated in an intelligent way. Business is the same. And now we are going to look at how to open that initial conversation channel.

In other words, how do we craft a better offer to get the client hooked and ready for bigger business. Even though you have their best interests at heart, and you will give them value for their money or ROI you have to start from this foundation. The art of crafting an offer they can’t refuse.

Offering a Valuable Gift for Free

Providing value is content marketing in its purest form. Useful information that can bear fruit for the prospect is given away for the right or privilege to have a conversation with the prospect. If you give away enough free content, they might become a customer of yours as a natural consequence.

We buy from the people that make us feel good and have established trust with us. Content is a great way to get this done.

free gifts can increase sales conversionsYou can even offer something of value that is physical. This works ridiculously well when combined with personalization.  A personalized written letter or a video on a flash disk that is addressing the prospect directly can open doors for you that an out of the blue phone call or email can’t do in a thousand years. You should be doing stuff like this, especially if the items that you are offering are higher priced items.

When personalizing your physical “gift” consider using registered mail and sending the prospect something cheesy like from this site:

They have all kinds of cheesy products like a plastic foot that is supposed to get you a foot in the door or a bank bag full of shredded fake money that you can combine with a message like: “Stop throwing away money on my competition and start using my company for your marketing.” Astonishingly this works very, very well IF and only IF it is personalized for the prospect.

Making It Risk-Free with a Free Trial or Money Back Guarantee

increase sales conversions with a free trial or money back guaranteeWhen people don’t trust you yet, why would they give you their money? If you can remove the risk, you can eliminate some of the objections they might have. Offer them a risk-free trial. You are going to get some time wasters with this, but that’s okay if it improves your close ratio.

I see that some companies offer risk-free trials with no credit card required. That gets people to try their product and may lead to a sale, and it works very well for some of these companies.

It’s just a reality that people like free stuff. And they are likely to share with others what they’ve received for free if they like it. In the age of social media, you can gain a lot of exposure by giving away something of value to your customer base. Even for B2B companies, platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, and industry forums can be a great way to inform audiences about what you’re giving away. –

For other companies, this doesn’t work that well at all because they have to spend a lot of time separating the serious buyers from the time wasters. The point is you will have to experiment with the effects a money back guarantee or a free trial has on your close ratio. You can’t be guessing about these things and pass judgment based on assumptions. Sales is a game of trial and error combined with rock hard stats.


personalize your sales letters to increase conversionsWe have already discussed this, but I think it is so important that there are some things I would like to add. Personalization creates a feeling of connection and professionalism that seems to have taken the midnight train on all levels of business and society at the moment. Personalization is a way that you can distinguish yourself. It can be automated to a certain degree, but there is no substitute for real solid communication.

Whether you personalize a gift, an offer, an email, or another form of communication, your prospect will feel the love and will reward you by opening up to a conversation. Creating a conversation is exactly the purpose of this whole exercise. An open discussion places both of you in the position to decide whether it will be mutually beneficial to establish a business relationship with each other. Win-win.

Get Creative

When everyone else is doing something, you have to do the opposite to get noticed. There has always been the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the herd and there always will be.

Take direct mail and voicemail for example. For years, people have neglected these powerful tools. If you want to get noticed use these because no one else has been doing it for a couple of years now.

Send your number one prospect a written letter in your own handwriting. Send them an unsigned cheque for $5000 with a note saying: “I would like to make you money on a regular basis, can we have a chat over coffee?”  The possibilities are endless and doing stuff like this not only gets you results, but it’s fun to do.


The initial communication you establish with your prospect or offer is your first impression you make on them. It is going to last. You might as well put some real effort into it.

Now you are armed to increase your close ratio because you can make your prospects an offer they can’t refuse. The better the offer, the better your close ratio is going to be. Take a moment to think about a way you can implement some of these offer crafting tactics.

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