September 2014 Traffic Report


When it comes to your website, do you ever wonder:

  • What’s working to drive traffic to our website?
  • What content is most effective?
  • Which traffic is most engaged – where are our subscribers coming from?
  • Where are our sales coming from?

As a content marketing agency, these are all questions we want answered for ourselves as well as a part of the services we offer our clients.

To answer these questions, we supplement the excellent data provided by Hubspot with data from Google Analytics (GA).
(To see August’s report, click here.)

Business Stats

Our high-level traffic and conversion data is available on our Business dashboard. Here we find out:

  1. Are we getting more visitors?
  2. Where are our visitors coming from?
  3. What is the trend in conversions (in our case, subscribers)?
  4. Where are conversions coming from?
  5. Who are our top social media referrers?
  6. Are visitors consuming more content? Are they spending more time on the site?
  7. What percentage of our traffic is from mobile?

Traffic & Referral Sources

Our traffic has risen steadily since we started blogging regularly on Groove. Here’s a look at the month to month increase:


For the month of September, traffic increased almost 50%!


Our organic traffic in particular was up from 3,214 to 4,665 (and that after 2,167 organic visitors the month before)… that’s an almost 50% increase month over month over month!

Our referral traffic was up even more but as we’ll see later in this section, much of that traffic wasn’t high quality.


Subscribers & Referral Sources

To get truly useful data, you want to know not just what traffic you have, but how many conversions you’re getting. In other words, how many of those visitors are you converting to subscribers? Or, if you have online product sales, to customers? In our case, we measure conversions in terms of subscribers, or as we have them set up in GA, “goal completions”.

We actually had fewer subscribers in September than August.


If we look at why that was, we see that although we continue to have a good mix of conversion sources, our percentages have shifted.


When we look at the exact number of conversions from each source, we see that the although our organic subscribers continue to grow, other sources are down, including referral sources.


Specifically, we see a decrease in subscribers from referral sources. However, our referral traffic was up from 1,689 to 4,117… if we look at the details of our referral traffic we see that traffic was actually down from our high quality referral sources (Twitter and LinkedIn) and up significantly from StumbleUpon, where we’ve learned we get high volume but lower quality traffic.


Significant Conclusions:

  1. We are getting more visitors than in August, but somewhat lower subscriber numbers.
  2. Our visitors are coming from a balanced portfolio of traffic sources.
  3. Our organic search traffic continues to rise almost 50% month-over-month.

Content Analysis Stats

Our Content Analysis dashboard helps us answer questions such as:

  1. Which content was the most popular?
  2. Which entrance pages got the most traffic?
  3. What pages had the most conversion “assists”? (A page “assists” a conversion if visitors view it before conversion.)
  4. Where are visitors exiting my site?
  5. What is our overall site engagement? (How long are people spending on each page?)
  6. How engaging is our top content?
  7. Where in the world is my traffic coming from?

Popular Content

By far our most popular pages are lumped together under ‘Other’.


This is actually a really good thing as it indicates we have a lot of different content on our blog that appeals to our visitors. In fact, some of the pages with the highest number of views were those with the lowest quality traffic – in this case, posts that went viral on StumbleUpon.

Popular Entrance Pages

Again, we see a good balanced variety of posts that originally bring visitors to our site.


Interestingly, while some of our posts that were published in September rank high here, other posts published months ago continue to prove popular (such as 10 Tips for Creating a Buyer Persona template, The Best Social Media Sites for Promoting B2B Content, and 4 Steps to Using Digital Marketing to Improve Your Marketing Strategy).

The posts that continue to prove popular give insight into the content that is especially of interest to our visitors.

Of especial interest was that in September, we began a test were for four weeks we republished infographics from other sites. Actually, the final one was published in October. Of the three published in September, one (Why You Can’t Ignore Twitter) was responsible for the highest traffic to any page in September.

This was the only of the three that received a lot of traffic, and it was largely from StumbleUpon, so although we won’t be using this strategy weekly, our results do indicate that republishing infographics can be a useful way to drive traffic.

Conversion & Conversion Assist Pages

Conversion pages are those that are most likely to convert a visitor to a subscriber. In our case, we have specific pages that are dedicated to providing valuable and informative lead magnets, and not surprisingly, these are the pages that show the highest conversion rates.

Not surprisingly, these free reports also have the highest number of conversion “assists” – that is, people converted to subscribers at some point after viewing these “assisting” pages.


Significant conclusions:

  1. We had a variety of content that proved popular with our audience.
  2. The pages that converted the most visitors to subscribers were those where we freely offered something valuable.
  3. The tactic of republishing infographics provided high amounts of traffic, but little in terms of quality traffic.

Summary and Insights

Here are the highlights from September:

  • We continue to have increased traffic.
  • Our traffic is coming from a good mix of sources and views a lot of different content.
  • Our organic traffic continues to increase almost 50% month over month.
  • This is all possible because we publish and promote a lot of content.

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