Are You A Social CEO? [Infographic]

Do you want to build a better online reputation for your business? Do you want to build stronger relationships with your customers? If so, have you thought about encouraging the CEO of your business to engage on social media?

The success of any business relies heavily on the reputation of the CEO. Not only do they hold a position of power, but they are also a living example of the culture and mission of a business. This is why it’s essential for CEOs to participate and engage on social media.

The Importance of CEO Social Media Engagement

According to the CEO  social media infographic below, it’s expected that CEO engagement on social media is expected to double by 2017. CEOs need to use social media because it’s a powerful way to connect with a target audience and increase marketing efforts for a business. Social CEOs also create a face for their company and open the door to creating a more successful business.

If you’re hoping to improve your marketing strategy, social CEOs can boost your brand image. The infographic revealed 82 percent of people are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and team engage on social media. Additionally, 77 percent of people are likely to buy from a company whose values are defined by leadership’s involvement on social media. As you can tell, social media can be a powerful tool for any company hoping to leverage its CEO’s reputation online.

Social Media Rules for CEO’s

When CEOs use social media, there are a few important rules to keep in mind. First, CEOs must keep their content professional and it must reflect the mission of the organization. It’s also important to leave personal issues and controversial topics out of the picture when engaging online. By following these rules, you’ll be able to create a voice for your company through the CEO’s online presence.

Social CEOs can add a number of benefits to any organization. To learn more about the social CEO and tips for using social media, check out the infographic below:

ceo social media infographic

Ivan SerranoThis is a guest post by Ivan Serrano, an online entrepreneur who enjoys writing about tech, globalization, and business communications. He prides himself on his love of sharing information with others. Ivan is passionate about what he does, and aims to stimulate conversation with his work.


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