HubSpot’s Social Inbox: 6 Steps to Get Started Right

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Do you find tracking your inbound marketing results overwhelming? Do you have any processes in place to determine your social media ROI?

For inbound marketers, you must create content that engages your leads in order to turn them into customers. If you are creating content via your blog and social media, how can you figure out what is working?

Welcome to the HubSpot Social Inbox tool. This social media tool can create content that will convert website visitors into contacts, close leads and more. It has made a huge difference in our business, and we want to share with you what it is and how to easily get started.

What Is It?

HubSpot’s Social Inbox social media tool lives inside the existing HubSpot platform and is designed to help you accomplish a few key things:

  • Publish content.
  • Monitor keywords.
  • Monitor existing and new contacts.
  • Discover your company’s social media return on investment.

Social Inbox is going to help you use social media more effectively by allowing you to publish updates, monitor social media engagement, and measure reach all in one app. – Impact Branding & Design

Step 1: Connect Your Existing Social Media Accountssocial media tools

In order to start properly using HubSpot’s social media tool, you need to begin by connecting your social media accounts to it.

  • Select the “Social Settings” button from the “Social Tab” in HubSpot.
  • Connect all of your existing accounts using your usernames and passwords.  You may connect:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Xing
    • Blog accounts
  • Be sure to enable the “Monitoring” feature on your Twitter account(s) to make step 2 go faster.

Step 2: Setup Monitoring

One of the biggest reasons why marketers use social media monitoring tools is to monitor conversations that they might have missed with manual tracking. The HubSpot Social Inbox allows you to set up streams to monitor conversations that might include competitors, important keywords, and your company’s name.

What sets the Social Inbox apart from other social media tools is how it integrates with your HubSpot account. When Social Inbox finds a match to your criteria, it will report if a person is in your database as a customer, lead, or a person that works for your company.

Set up monitoring on each of your integrated social networking accounts by first selecting the “Social Tab” button in HubSpot and then selecting the “Monitoring” option.

If you followed along in step 1 and enabled Monitoring for your Twitter account, you’ll see four streams already created for you:

  • Your Timeline
  • Mentions
  • Retweets
  • Sent tweets

In addition to the 4 Twitter streams above, you should setup custom streams so you can listen in on conversations about your business, your industry, your products, and your competitors on Twitter.

Step 3: Get the Official HubSpot Mobile App Hubspot social media tools mobile app

With the HubSpot mobile app, you can monitor your Social Inbox while on the go. The great thing about the app is that it allows you to monitor streams, publish messages and do everything else you can do from a desktop or laptop computer. It gives you the freedom to do all of that from a mobile phone or tablet.

With inbound marketing, it’s important to pay attention to and respond to conversations as they are happening. If a relevant conversation is happening, but you don’t respond to it for five hours, you can essentially consider that lead wasted. With the mobile app, however, you’ll never miss a conversation again.

Step 4: Install Plugins for Publishing From Your Web Browser

If you use the Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers, installing publishing plugins is essential. For users of the HubSpot Social Inbox, these plugins allow you to publish relevant content from anywhere on the web with a few quick clicks of your mouse.

If you’re browsing your favorite site and see something that you want to share with your customers, you don’t have to worry about copying and pasting, signing into different accounts and going through a bunch of extra steps. You can just engage the publishing plugin and publish the content immediately, saving a great deal of time and effort in the process.

These plugins can be integrated with services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Feedl, and more to get your content to the widest possible audience as quickly as possible.  To get the plugin click on ‘Apps & Add-ons’ from the social media settings page within HubSpot.

Hubspot social inbox add ons


Step 5: Pay Attention to the Reach of Your Social Media Presence social media tools - social reach

The HubSpot Social Inbox includes a “Reach Report” feature that is available under the “Social Tab” button in the “Reach” category. It allows you to see how many people are viewing your updates and how your channels are growing over time. You can use this information to modify your efforts and improve your results.

You should schedule time to view your “Reach Report” at least quarterly or any time you are making a concentrated effort on one social channel. you feature will let you see how many people are viewing your updates and more.

Step 6: Evaluate Your Social Media Return on Investment

This is the step where you get to find out if your social media efforts are paying off. The “Sources Report” on HubSpot will tell you how many contacts or customers are receiving your content via social media. This translates into your return on investment.

You get to see exactly how all of your specific efforts are translating into increased traffic to your sites and content. You can then adjust your strategy based on which channels are meeting your expectations and which need more attention.

Hubspot sources report

It’s important to note that HubSpot Social Inbox can only provide this reporting information when you publish content directly through HubSpot.  It’s really easy when you take advantage of the browser plugins and mobile app.

Are you ready to take your inbound marketing tracking to a higher level? Excited to learn how your efforts are paying off? The tools that HubSpot provides to marketers makes it easier than ever to not only connect with your ideal audience but to track your progress over time for the best possible results.


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