How to Write Blog Posts that People Love Reading

There’s something undeniably appealing about exceptional writing. It’s what keeps us awake until 3 a.m. to finish a good book. Online, it’s what makes you continue to click through articles to read more of what a blogger writes.

The appeal and proven success of content marketing have made the world a noisy place. Now, just about anyone with any level of writing talent can start a blog.

To attract a following and make money from your writing, you need to make it flow. The structure of your post has a direct effect on how many people get sucked into your posts and continue to click through to read more, more, more from you.

Although structure can sometimes limit the creative process, there are a few best practices for writing blog posts. Follow these and you’ll consistently hook your readers.

“No one can really predict how well a piece of content is going to go over with your readers… BUT what we can do is increase the odds of your content becoming a winner…” ~Charles Edgar @CharlesEdgar6

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How to Write an Outline for Your Blog Post

how to write a blog outline

When you read a great blog post, do you ever think about how the writer put the piece of content together? Probably not, because you’re too impressed with the material to worry about the fine details. However, if you want to create blog posts that reach your audience in a significant way and encourage them to take action, you can benefit from studying posts that capture your attention.

For many great writers, step one in writing an excellent post is spending time creating a very detailed outline. Ready to learn how to do that? Let’s jump in.

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Making Your Blog Post Images Work Harder

blog post images

The idea of using images to tell a story is as old as cavemen drawing pictographs on walls. When books were invented, images were added to storybooks to bring tales to life. Now that the Internet has taken the world by storm, people are supplementing blog posts with visuals to be heard in a world filled with noise.

Knowing which images to add and where to add them is tricky. Splattering them haphazardly throughout the post could weaken the writing and steal from the message.

Before you hit publish, read this to understand how to add blog post images so they effectively convey your story.

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How to Write a Killer Opening for Your Blog Posts

how to write a blog intro

If the opening of your blog post doesn’t entice your readers enough to keep their attention, it’s safe to say they won’t be reading the rest of the content contained in the post, even if it’s the best blog post ever written. As a general rule of thumb, each blog post you produce needs to meet very specific criteria if you want to keep your audience engaged and avoid the dreaded “bounce”.

Are you ready to use blogging to connect with your customers and provide them with useful information that will be shared? Pay attention to the following 4 ingredients that make up a successful blog post opening.  All you have to do is remember the acronym AIDA, and you’ll be creating amazing blog intros in no time.

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How to Get More Blog Traffic from Social Media

more blog traffic from social media

This is a guest post from Ernest Thompson from

If only it was as easy as tweeting out a link and expecting people to click on it in your quest to get more blog traffic from social media! It takes a broader plan than that, a bit of time, and consistent use. If you’re smart about it and use your time wisely, you can see your traffic counters moving upwards all thanks to social media.

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How to Find Click Worthy Blog Post Titles

click worthy blog post titles

Let’s face it. The hardest thing about blogging is getting people to read your work.

You can write exceptional blog posts, but without solid promotion, no one will read it. As you know, that defeats the whole purpose of blogging.

The goal of creating exceptional content is to get found, gain trust and grow your business. The blog post title is the first step in achieving each of those lofty goals.

One essential component of writing exceptional blog posts is your blog post title. This short phrase needs to be powerful and poignant without causing any sense of confusion about what the blog will discuss.

Because each word matters, many people struggle to craft strong blog post titles. To help, here are four of my best tips for writing a click-worthy title.

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How to Create a Winning Framework for Your Blog Posts?

blog post framework

Creating engaging blog content on a recurring basis is a challenge all business owners and marketers face. Even if you spend hours crafting content that is grammatically correct, contains a powerful message and looks good on paper, none of the content will benefit your audience unless you get the framework right.

Though all companies face the grueling task of reaching their customers with engaging blog content, the only companies that succeed are those that are willing to do what it takes to connect with their customers and attempt to solve their problems and address their pain points. If you need help creating a winning framework for your blog posts, then the following information will be helpful to you.

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Blog Research: How to Discover the Popular Topics for Your Niche

blog post research

It’s one of the hardest parts of blogging – finding and researching a blog topic people actually want to read.

The last part of that sentence is key. Finding what people will click on, consume, and share isn’t easy. You might have an inkling of what’s popular based on conversations happening on and offline, but how can you be sure? How do you know what you write will move your audience?

Building your tribe of people eager to hear from you is hard work. It starts slowly and gains momentum as you continue to write interesting and inspiring posts. Here’s how you can get your blog post research rolling to build momentum on your blog.

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How Reaching Out to Influencers Doubled Our Monthly Traffic

using influencers to drive trafficThis is a guest post from David Schneider

You run a blog or a business and you’re trying to get out there.

I can relate.

We just launched our new prospecting and outreach tool, NinjaOutreach, and we’re in the same boat.

The funny thing is, the tool we’re trying to sell actually helps people promote their businesses and blogs.

Therefore, now that our tool is live, we’re using it to promote itself, by reaching out to influencers, and seeing great results.


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Content Is King… if You’ve Done Your Research

how to do blog research

Since the birth of the digital marketing landscape, it has seen industry-wide exponential growth. More and more companies are shifting a significant proportion of their marketing budget from traditional to digital initiatives. For example, Mondelez, the processed foods company, has cut their spending on TV advertising nearly in half while boosting their digital marketing spending enormously.

The core of good digital marketing is engaging content. Content has to encourage people to interact with the brand and engage personally.

That is why content is king in marketing.

Settling on the content to use and the keywords to target is just about the most important decision in a digital marketing campaign. In this article, we will talk about how to do blog research and why it matters.

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