How to Blog Successfully Without Writing Your Own Content

do I have to write my own content

Today we are taking a look back at an interview we did with Brian Clark from Brian built a very successful business around his content marketing strategy and we are going to apply some of his advice to answer these two questions:

  1. Can content marketing work for your business?
  2. Who should be doing the writing?

First of all, if you are new to the concept, content marketing is the process of creating interest in your product or brand by creating helpful and interesting educational media for your prospects. It can be videos, audio, pictures or writing. All of these work well when you are doing it right.

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My Outrageously Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Blog Post

writing a blog post

“I’m building a snowball the size of continents. The catch: it sometimes moves at a glacial pace.”

This quote from Tim Ferriss, who has to be one of the most influential people I’ve read, really hit home with me and how I go about preparing for writing content.

His point is that he isn’t interested in collecting a bunch of one-and-done users. He wants a readership that sticks around and absorbs his content, who trust and value his opinion and will continue to do so.

He’s rolling snow balls, not sifting through sand. He’s setting up his content so that the people who latch onto to his product are here to stay. While that tribe may build slowly, once it does there are few things capable of stopping a ‘glacier’.

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Best Social Media Sites for Business Blogs [INFOGRAPHIC]

best social media sites for blogs

You’ve completed your latest blog post and breathe a sigh of relief. “Ahhhh, it’s done” you say. Not so fast!

Your work has only just begun. You can write the best blog post in the world, but if nobody sees it, your time has been wasted.

There are many ways to go about promoting your content. In this infographic, we share the 3 best social media sites for promoting your B2B business blog and the top strategy to use on each. These sites are:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

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The #1 Reason Why People Fail with Inbound Marketing



So you’ve heard all about how well inbound marketing works, and you are ready to go. Your first step is to get started writing blog posts, right?


Writing blog posts is definitely not the first step you should take if you want to succeed with inbound marketing.

Instead, you need first to figure out your inbound marketing game plan.

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How To Create Images That Boost Blog Post Shares [Infographic]

how to create blog post images that drive engagement

It’s been said countless times, “A picture says a thousand words”. What do your blog post graphics say about you?

Do you simply grab a stock photo or two and add it to your post? Do you go all out and create full custom graphics for every post to wow your audience?

There is a middle road, even for non-designers! You can learn the basics needed to create catchy graphics that stand out and increase engagement on every blog post.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Business Blogging

Blogging Cheat Sheet

Have you started a business blog and don’t know what to do with it? Do you know what kind of person is reading your blog? Are you blogging but not noticing an increase in business?

These days, a blog is crucial to your online marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, businesses that blog garner 97 percent more inbound links than those with static websites. Perhaps the problem is that you don’t have a detailed game plan on how to use your blog to increase business in the door? If that is the case,this business blogging cheat sheet will show you exactly what you need to do so that your blog starts to play a pivotal role in attracting more customers.

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3 Sure Fire Steps to Interesting & Valuable Blog Posts

how do you write a blog post

Publishing exceptional blog posts on a routine basis is one of the most challenging feats you will face as a marketer of a business. Whether you run an agency, a flower shop, or you operate as an online entrepreneur, blogging is not as simple as brainstorming a topic, finding resources to link to, grabbing relevant images, hitting the publish button, and then waiting for thousands of unique visitors to flood your site in a matter of minutes.

Sure it’s easy to sit down and scribble out a 200-word post to promote one of your special discount offers, but nobody wants to read about that stuff. The blog readers of today are looking for interesting data, unique content, and helpful resources to increase their knowledge of your industry, not advertising copy.

If you want to know how to write a blog post that engages your target audience and motivates them to take action (read your post, fill out an opt-in form, purchase a product, etc.), you need to create content that brings them back to your site again and again. So what is the formula for creating content like that consistently?

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How To Use Marketing Influencers to Amplify Your Content’s Reach

Marketing Influencers

If you’ve been in business for more than a few years, chances are you’ve attended your fair share of networking events.

Mixers, luncheons, and breakfasts seem to dominate the schedules of busy executives. You join networking organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, as a way to get exposure and get in front of a targeted crowd. What for?

For most people, the answer to why you’re such a big part of offline networking groups is to get referrals and bring in more business.

What about online?

Recommendations from familiar faces, branded websites, and consumer opinions posted online top the charts as the most trustworthy way to find brands, according to Nielsen. More interesting is the fact that the percentage of people trusting this information continues to rise year over year.

More consumers are turning to the Internet for shopping tips and buying advice. For your brand to thrive in the digital world, it needs to get front and center on your website AND through the voice of others.

The best way to do this is by getting the attention of marketing influencers.

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Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses [Free Guide]

7000 Marketing Benchmarks report

The start of the new year typically inspires both people and businesses to set resolutions. As a business owner or manager, do you know what it takes to get the marketing results you seek?

You can increase both traffic and leads by improving a variety of different marketing assets. These include things like:

  • Web pages
  • Content marketing efforts
  • Landing Pages
  • Social promotion and engagement.

The challenge lies in determining which marketing assets you will focus on to get traction and see results.

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10 Reasons Content Marketing Isn’t Working for You

content marketing fails for these 10 reasons

You’ve read blog posts, articles, and reports about the power of content marketing in today’s digital market. So why isn’t it working for your company?

It’s frustrating. You write, you publish, you promote (but not over-promote), and still nothing happens. There isn’t a surge of traffic. Your sales have not spiked over last year’s goals. What’s the problem? 

Content marketing is perhaps THE strongest strategy in online marketing. But if you’re guilty of one of these 10 common content marketing fails, you could be spinning your marketing wheels without seeing the results you anticipated.

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