How to Increase SEO with Google+

google plus seo strategy

If you’re like many people online, you have a love/hate relationship with Google+.

On one hand, you might not be a huge fan of the platform because it’s another social network to manage. On the flipside, Google is the top player in the search engine world. Any time you and your business can do something to get into Google’s good graces, it’s welcome.

It’s the latter that makes it so surprising that Google+ isn’t used as well loved as it should be by most businesses.

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How to Prioritize Your SEO Checklist

prioritize your seo checklist

While it’s true that there are SEO best practices everyone should regularly undertake, it’s also true that not everyone has the resources or staff to do those activities as often as recommended, if at all. Typically, a small business is torn in many different directions when trying to establish an SEO checklist that covers everything. This can lead to burnout or ineffective practices that don’t deliver sufficient payback for the work involved.

To get the most out of your SEO practices, it’s important to finely tune your SEO checklist and prioritize based on your business needs.

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Want better SEO Results? Focus Above the Fold!

how to improve on page seo

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has proved over the years to be an elusive and fluid pursuit. As Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, the industry often contains more mysteries than it does concrete answers. Things have changed almost entirely since the early days of SEO. However, regardless of how the industry has evolved over the years, one trend has stayed the same: algorithms are getting smarter and search engines are getting better at indexing content built for users.

SEO is still the number one go-to resource for webmasters looking to boost organic traffic. Yet, in all the calculation and analysis of keywords, H1 and H2 tags, algorithms, site load speed etc., it is easy to forget about the human beings behind all of this. The solution: learn how to improve on-page seo by optimizing for users and focusing above the fold.

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My Outrageously Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Blog Post

writing a blog post

“I’m building a snowball the size of continents. The catch: it sometimes moves at a glacial pace.”

This quote from Tim Ferriss, who has to be one of the most influential people I’ve read, really hit home with me and how I go about preparing for writing content.

His point is that he isn’t interested in collecting a bunch of one-and-done users. He wants a readership that sticks around and absorbs his content, who trust and value his opinion and will continue to do so.

He’s rolling snow balls, not sifting through sand. He’s setting up his content so that the people who latch onto to his product are here to stay. While that tribe may build slowly, once it does there are few things capable of stopping a ‘glacier’.

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Inbound Marketing: How to Attract, Engage, and Convert [Infographic]

What is inbound marketing and how can your business use inbound marekting to attract, engage and convert more prospects into clients? The infographic below was created for the staffing industry, but the information it provides can be applied universally to most service based businesses.

This infographic goes over:

  • What inbound marketing consists of in relation to websites, content and SEO.
  • 4 ways that inbound marketing differs from outbound marketing.
  • Why your business should use inbound marketing to create a strong online presence.
  • The current state of inbound marketing.
  • What you should focus on to increase your inbound marketing efforts.

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10 Useless Things to Cut From Your Marketing [Free Guide]

bad marketing examples

The fast-paced world of digital marketing — with all its technological advancements and iterative improvements to our marketing processes — has theoretically made marketers’ lives easier. We have more options, tools, and resources to be better, faster, and stronger.

But the flip side of the coin — and probably the more realistic manifestation of all these advancements — is that marketers are overwhelmed. It seems like every week there’s something new we absolutely must be doing, lest we get left behind.

Problem is, a lot of this new “stuff,” is now outdated and an inefficient use of a marketer’s time and budget. Or worse, was never a good use of time and budget to begin with.

We’d like this to be the year you clean up your marketing toolkit. What are you wasting time on? What tactics are you needlessly holding on to like a marketing security blanket? What can you eliminate from your budget?

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Matt Cutts’ Top 5 SEO Tips


If you’ve been around the SEO world for some time, the name Matt Cutts is familiar. He is one of Google’s leading developers. His focus? Stopping webspam and punishing low-quality websites.

This is the guy businesses fear at night.

Remember that expression; “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Actually, I don’t view Matt Cutts as an enemy (I actually appreciate his endeavor to rid the world of terrible, spammy websites), and do believe that it’s important to heed his advice when it’s given.

One of the greatest mysteries in online marketing is knowing how Google works. So let’s get closer to advice straight from the mouth of Matt Cutts, and get a better grasp on how to write SEO content.

Here are the top five tips from Matt Cutts that we believe you should follow in your SEO content marketing strategy.

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25 SEO Tips You Can’t Live Without

top seo tips

One of the great mysteries in online marketing is how Google and other search engines rank websites. All that’s known is that it’s a complex algorithm. Every business is fighting for a spot at the top, so implementing smart search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is vital to your website’s success.

It might surprise you to learn that the majority of your traffic comes from search engines. Don’t believe me? Look at your Google Analytics account. Click on referrals and chances are you’ll see that Google is one of the top search engines sending new people to your website.

Here are 25 ways you can bump up your website’s ranking and solidify your position high up on the search engine results.

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SEO Optimization in 2014 and Beyond [Infographic]

In the early days of the internet, SEO optimization was easy.

  • Pick out the keyword you want to rank.
  • Pump out content with your keyword laced generously throughout your page, including in your title and meta tags.
  • Add in a few backlinks.

Chances were good that your content would rank! Then the search engines got smart.

In 2014 and beyond, content marketing is becoming the backbone of SEO. What’s the difference from old school SEO versus SEO optimization 2014+ style?

Below, we’re sharing an infographic done by QuickSprout. It’s a look the strategies that used to define SEO and those you need to use today in order to drive organic search rankings and avoid future search engine penalties.

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Nailing On-Page SEO

what is on page seo and how to nail it

You’ve heard about something called on-page SEO, but you don’t know what it is, or if you should even care. Here, you’ll learn just what on-page SEO is, and why the entire future of your business could be at stake if you try to ignore it.
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