3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website

“Do I need a mobile friendly website?”

Have you asked yourself this question recently? Smartphones and other mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of Internet access; if you haven’t already got a mobile website, you need to get one soon.

Why? Because your customers are increasingly going mobile.
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What A High Bounce Rate Says About Your Website

website bounce rate

This is a guest post from Niraj Ranjan Rout, Founder of Hiver

A high website bounce rate is every webmaster’s worst nightmare.

When your website has a visitor, you want them to stick around and see all the things your brand has to offer. If they came to see an article, you want them to stay to read another, and then some more.

It’s relatively easy to build an audience. Using Google Adwords topped with a set of nifty tools, one can achieve global reach for their website ads in a jiffy. The ads might garner an audience for your website, but that is only half-the-battle-won. Sometimes, visitors leave right after visiting one page. This is precisely what leads to a high bounce rate.

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Want High Growth? Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly!

make your website mobile friendly

Do you struggle to keep up with all of Google’s algorithm updates? You’re not alone. Every time you make an update to your website to adhere to Google’s guidelines, it seems like something new happens, and you’re back to the drawing board.

This never-ending game isn’t meant to frustrate you or hurt you. It’s meant to keep improving the search results that you and I (and your customers, of course) use to find information, products or services we need. So how often do you need to pay attention to updates? And what can you do to stay ahead of the game?

Focus on creating a fantastic experience for your customers, and the rest will follow. And to do that, you need to make your website mobile friendly.

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7 Ways to Guarantee a Flood of New Leads

How to Generate Leads

If you’re trying to learn how to generate more leads for your company, you may have already realized that inbound marketing is a necessity. But it can be difficult to connect marketing and sales solidly. It may feel a little risky to link your marketing directly to your lead goals—gaining leads, after all, can seem more like an art than a science.

Who’s to say, after all, that X blog posts each month will lead to Y traffic and Z new leads?

Perhaps that’s why, as a results-focused inbound marketing agency, when we come to an existing inbound marketing campaign, we often see a lack of focus on gaining new leads. To us, this is odd. Why embark on an inbound marketing campaign in the first place if not to establish leads that convert into sales? Why launch a marketing venture if there’s no way of measuring your ROI?

If you break it down into actionable measures, you can see where simply understanding elements of this ‘art’ can improve your lead generation.

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15 Essential Marketing Resource Guides to Build Your Business

online marketing help and resource guides

Need some help marketing online? Are you looking to improve your online presence? Do you want to improve your online lead generation? Do you need to learn how to measure the ROI from your marketing activities?

Groove Digital regularly publishes free marketing resources and now they are easy to access all in one place!

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25 Website Must Haves for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales [Free Guide]

website design checklist - 25 tips

Your website is an important part of your business’s online marketing strategy. Whether you are marketing B2B, B2C, locally, globally, or internationally, you need an online presence to reach buyers and establish credibility.

A recent survey by 1&1 Internet recently reported that up to 40% of small and medium sized businesses still don’t have a website. Yikes, is that you?

I’ve heard of several small businesses who just setup Facebook  pages to establish their online presence. Companies who take this route need to remember that Facebook can shut that page down anytime. You should never relinquish control and ownership of your website.

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