How to Use Content Supported Prospecting to Pursue Your Target Accounts

Are you struggling to get the attention of your prospects? Would you like to learn a way to turn a prospective customer into client without having to cold call?

In this video, I introduce the concept of Content Supported Prospecting. Learn why this method is a lot more effective than old-fashioned cold calling and cold emailing sales techniques.

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Hey everybody this is Trent, founder and CEO of Groove Digital Marketing. Welcome back to another video in my series on how to embrace inbound marketing in your business to ultimately generate more leads and drive more sales.

Now in this particular video we are going to talk about prospecting and in particular we are going to talk about Content Supported Prospecting. So in the old days prospecting for me and many many sales people, and I think a lot of people maybe still do this, is you would use the phone and you would use email and you’re out and you would pitch… pitch… pitch or sell… sell… sell talking about features, advantages and benefits.

And that particular style of prospecting in the modern world simply does not work nearly as well as it used to because getting people’s attention has never been more difficult than it is today. And so the way that you need to prospect now is by focusing on Content Supported Prospecting is to stop selling and instead try and be helpful.

Try and think about the problems that your target market has to solve and then send them information that will help them to solve those problems whether they ever buy your products or services or not.

The goal is of course to establish some trust, build some rapport, and to create the opportunity to have a conversation with a prospective customer where you can learn more about them and then ultimately, of course, if there is a fit they would buy your product or service.

So the most important thing at the very beginning of this is to come up with a finite list of prospects. Now you don’t want to start with 3000 names on your list and the reason why is because you will start at the top and go to the bottom and everybody will get touched only one time. Now that is not going to work very well.

According to a study that was done by Leads 360 you need to contact your prospects at least six times. And when you do you have a 96 percent probability of actually getting through to them, when you do it only one time your probability of getting through if I remember correctly was less than 20 percent.

If you would like to see that study just Google the phrase Leads 360 caller’s study or buyer’s study or something like that and you’ll find it. So start with your finite prospect list, I would recommend maybe only 200 or 300 names. If you sell a very large ticket item, fewer names, a smaller ticket item maybe a little bit more but as you are going to see as I walk you through this you do not need a huge list of names to begin with.

So once you got your list of finite names, the way we do it is we start using cold email touches but again the emails are not about selling our products or promoting our products they are about being genuinely helpful. So you want to have emails that are ultimately driving people to content that is going to add value to them.

Content like blog posts, now they can be blog posts that you have written or they can be blog posts that you have found on other credible sites on the web. Things like Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Props, SEO Journal, Moz. There’s all sorts of sites to get really great content regardless of the niche that you are in to be able to use these emails to send people to those blog posts. Now the benefit if they are on your own site of course, is as I have explained in earlier videos, is you can have a call to action at the bottom of your blog post which would drive someone to a landing page where they could fill out a form.

They could actually become a lead and start to be nurtured in your online sales funnel which is what I explained in the last video. But like I say you don’t want to use all of your own content. I would highly recommend that you make use of video like I am doing in this now. Because it is a way for people to get to know you without ever actually meeting you; it is a very scalable way of putting your personality out there, so to speak for people to consume.

Now the other type of content that you want to intersperse within these emails is directly to landing pages. So maybe these are going to be landing pages where you are offering premium content like e-books. Or you have a webinar. Be it a live webinar perhaps it is a recorded webinar or a replay of the webinar but both of those types of content can work very very well as an offer on a landing page.

So once you do that you are going to have the opportunity to touch people six times. So the next question, of course, is, “How do I do that that sounds like a whole lot of labour.” Well, there’s a number of ways to do it.

One way that is very very easy is go out and get the Yesware plugin for Chrome and then you can pre craft all of the messages that are going to go in each of those six emails. You want to keep really really short and then you might have someone on your team or a virtual assistant perhaps; simply queuing up one at a time; this template send, this template send.

Now that is not the most efficient way of course but it is better than you sitting there and doing it because there is really no reason why you would need to sit there and click all those emails on your own.

So some people might be thinking, “Well why don’t I just load it up into an auto responder?” Because people today are very wise, they notice those unsubscribe links at the bottom of the emails and right away they know it’s an auto responder and right away they tune out.

So an auto responder is not necessarily the best way to do this.

Now in each one of these emails I recommend that you have no more than two links. One link to whatever piece of content you are talking about and the second link would be a link to your online calendar where you might say, “Hey if you want to me go ahead and book an appointment for us to do that.”

Now the service that I use is It is very very inexpensive and it is a very useful service. Now also to automate the sending of these emails there is another software platform that I recently discovered called

It is an absolutely wonderful tool because it will actually send emails from your corporate Gmail if you are using Google apps, for example, from your corporate Gmail account. They’ve connected this app through the API to the Gmail so all of these emails that are going out do not have an unsubscribe link in them. And therefore to the
recipient looks exactly as though you have manually typed them up.

Now word to the wise, don’t violate CAN-SPAM policies; Google the CAN-SPAM policies; make sure that you understand exactly how to craft these emails so that you are not in violation of those policies. Because if you do you can get your domain blacklisted and that is not going to help your cause in any way shape or form.

Basically, again offer to be helpful, don’t have hype subject lines and don’t use a lot of words like free and super deal and all this crazy stuff. Just focus on this one principle. Try and be as helpful as possible by sending your finite list content that whether they ever buy from you or not they will appreciate the fact that you have sent them that content.

So that is the Content Supported Prospecting System. It works a whole lot better than sitting on the phone banging out cold calls all day or cold emailing the heck out of this huge long list and saying more or less, “Do you want to buy my stuff? Can we have an appointment? Do you want to buy my stuff? Can we have an appointment? Do you want to buy my stuff?”

People don’t really want to receive emails like that.

Alright so below this video there will be some links to any of the other videos that I have mentioned. And of course there will be a link to our online calendar. If you would like some help with inbound marketing feel free to click that link and book an appointment to talk to us now.

Thanks very much for tuning in we’ll see you in another video soon. Take care.


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