tips for success video marketing campaigns

9 Tips for Successful Video Marketing Campaigns in 2016

tips for success video marketing campaigns

This is a guest post by Stefan Ivanovski

The rise of online video is hard not to notice – especially in the past couple of years. The stats and predictions by themselves are pretty impressive. In 2016, Cisco’s white paper predicts that online video will account for 55% of the total consumer Internet traffic.

There are billions of views every single day on video platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon. When compared to written content, a video is more engaging, informative and it converts better. Because of this, it is a very useful tool for companies to communicate with their customers, and target new audiences.

If you haven’t considered it by now, you should seriously think about using videos as part of your marketing activities. To help you start off, here are 9 tips for successful video marketing campaigns in 2016.

1. Set Your Budget and Expectations Straight

Setting your video budget is the first thing you need to do. Don’t proceed without knowing how much you’re capable of investing in the video, and understanding what you can expect in return. Resource management is important!

If money is tight, know that you don’t need an entire studio with tstory for your videoop-level equipment to create a great video. You can hire a freelancer for an affordable rate, or even make the video yourself.

Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure: the story and message your video transmits will be by far more important than the quality of equipment that you’re using. And as for campaign expectations, you need to set reasonable goals that look good side by side with your budget.

2. Develop an Appealing Story for your Video

People love to watch videos of interesting stories. In fact, the most effective videos are always based on some inspiring story that connects with the audience.

Nowadays, a simple video that shows off your brand or product isn’t going to cut it for you. Trust me, you’ll want to create fun and engaging stories – as they are the number one reason videos go viral on the Internet. Try to brainstorm some creative ideas about your video, and how it can send the right message to your viewers.

Here’s an example of a highly engaging video that tells you all about the brand while also entertaining you.

3. Keep the Video Short and Engaging

Video length is one of the most important factors that affect the success of your video. Today most customers have a lower attention span than a goldfish, so you need to make your videos short and engaging.

Even though the length of the video will mainly depend on what you’re trying to accomplish, make sure to be as brief as you can. The ideal length is somewhere under 1 minute. Everything north of 1 minute will most likely result in people closing the video before it ends – which means a lost opportunity to get your message across.

Short and catchy videos are particularly important for companies that are just starting to build their viewer base. Once you get a regular audience, you’ll have time to experiment with the video length.

4. Make the Video Interactive!

Consumer’s behavior is always changing, and companies are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to connect with their audiences. Video is still one of the most effective means to do this, but sometimes traditional methods don’t get much attention..

One innovative solution is the interactive video – which is still pretty new to the market. These videos allow the customer to take part in the video and affect its outcome.

You create a dynamic storyline that will enable viewers to select different decisions and have control over the video. It is an advanced technique that will allow you to collect valuable information about the behavior of your customers. Expect to see more interactive videos in 2016!

5. Add a Genuine Call to Action Button at the End

Never let your video fade to black! I mean, never! Because you have to keep it short and engaging, you can’t waste even one second of it.

Use the few seconds at the end to add contact information along with an enticing call to action button. do you get from one video to the next? Or to another websites entirely? It is called a call to action, and putting them into a video can greatly enhance your chances to gaining views on your other content. – Ann Smarty,

6. Post the Video In Multiple Places

video promotionOnce the video is ready for promotion, you have to post it on as many places as you can. Most video platforms offer both free uploads and paid advertising.

Besides your website, it is a good practice to add the video to additional sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hypothetically speaking, the more outreach your video has, the more successful it will be! Click here for a list of additional sites you can share your video on.

7. Optimize Your Video for Search Engines

SEO is important as well, especially for organic search results. Let’s say that you have uploaded the video on YouTube. From an SEO perspective, here’s what you should do:

  • Create an SEO strategy and come up with keywords for your videos.
  • Use the focus keyword at least once in the title and description of the video.
  • Make sure you add relevant tags.
  • Always provide additional links in the video description box like contact information, special offers, promotions, events, etc.

8. Consider Advertising on Certain Social Networks

Some experts are suggesting that companies should seriously start investing into social video. The fact that Facebook generates 8 billion video views each day on the platform speaks for itself. Just imagine the outreach your video would have.

sharing videos on social mediaAnother positive side of advertising on social networks is that you get valuable insights such as demographics, gender, and age of people who saw your video. But maybe the greatest advantage of all is getting relevant traffic – which results in higher conversion rate.

9. Measure Results and Analyse Performance Reports

Measuring and analyzing results are the final steps, and it involves thorough report analysis that should give you a solid idea of the campaign’s success. You’ll need to measure the performance and identify spots where you could’ve done better.

Remember: You can always do better!

And with the insights that you collected from the campaign, you’ll have what it takes to lead even more successful video marketing campaigns in the future.

About the Author

stefan from valoso - video marketing expertStefan Ivanovski is a technology writer and WordPress developer. He is a graduate, with degree in Business Informatics (BI). Stefan enjoys writing about technology, online marketing and SEO. Big supporter of open-source, and GNU Linux enthusiast.

You can find him at Valoso, a freelance video service.



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