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How to Find Out What Really Matters To Your Buyers [Infographic]

what really matters to customersHave you taken the time to create one or more buyer personas for your company? That’s great! Your company is part of the 44% of businesses who have made identifying their target market a priority.

Before you pat yourself on the back though, you better take a look at this infographic by Adele Revella. Our founder, Trent, interviewed her last year and she enlightened us on the most common buyer persona mistakes. This infographic is a great visual summary of a lot of the same points she made in the interview.

The biggest issue she calls out is that very few people are taking the time to interview their customers to find out what matters most to them. That likely explains why 83% of the people who have a buyer persona find that it’s only somewhat effective.

There are 3 methods for creating a buyer persona.

  1. Consult Internal Stakeholders
  2. Leverage Tools
  3. Interview Real Buyers

The most effective personas will utilize all 3 methods and they will put the most emphasis on the real customer interview.

A well-conducted interview will give you insight into what Adelle calls the 5 Rings of Buying Insight™.

These areas are:

  1. Priority Initiatives
  2. Success Factors
  3. Perceived Barriers
  4. The Buyer’s Journey
  5. Decision Criteria

These insights are highly actionable and give you the answers to Who, What, When, Where, How and Why.

what matters to customers? Find out by interviewing them!

Take another look at your buyer personas if you have them and make sure you go back and interview real customers if you haven’t. If you are just now considering creating a buyer persona, be sure to study this infographic first and follow the recommendations.

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